Translating Springs Trends

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By Allsion Hamilton-Rohe, Daily Outfit

“Fashion is a trend.  Style is within.” – Oscar de La Renta

Translating Springs Trends

 As you pulled out your Spring clothes this year, was there something missing — a specific piece, type of look, a color or a feeling? Each season, you can re-define yourself using your look. As Oscar de la Renta said,

Use the trends to inform, update or underline the message you’re sending with your personal style.  As your Personal Style Coach, I will help you figure out how.

Each season, when you see the style reports roll out, perhaps they elicit from you nothing more than an eye-roll.  Some of trends are forecasted in advance, designers interpret them their own way and retailers curate it down even further to match what they think their customers will buy.  There are as many lists of what the trends are as there are fashion magazines — which can be super overwhelming!

Instead, you can skip right here.  I have already reviewed the trends each season, looking for what I think will be most useful for my clients.  As a personal style coach, I need to know what the trends and colors are so I can translate them into meaning for you.

I do the work so you can mine the trends to communicate your message clearly.

Together, we can create a look that is powerful.  I can also help you understand why certain colors, patterns, textures or styles appeal to you.  This allows you to decide whether it makes sense to incorporate these trends into your look going forward.

Spring 2019 Trends Translated:

  • Colored Leopard = Nimble Yet Nuanced
  • Tie-Dye = Open-Minded
  • Pattern-Mixing = Bold
  • Old-Fashioned Florals = Ladylike
  • Decorative Scarf = Elegant Sophisticate
  • Delicate Watercolor = Sensitive & Artistic
  • Crowded Florals = Abundance
  • Quirky Florals = Progressive/Modern

Take a look at the list above and see which element jumps out at you.

  • Do you want to be more bold in 2019?  Try the pattern-mixing trend.
  • Are you focused on manifesting abundance?  Try picking up an item with a crowded floral pattern.
  • Would you love to spend more time being creative?  Try incorporating delicate watercolor patterns into your look.

Any of these trends can prompt you to stay true to your goals and prime others to create the right opportunities for you.

Spring 2019 Colors Translated:

Translating Springs Trends


  • Soybean = approachable
  • Eclipse = trust
  • Sweet Corn = new beginnings
  • Brown Granite = down-to-earth


  • Fiesta = playful energy
  • Jester Red = truth-to-power
  • Turmeric = warm enthusiasm
  • Living Coral = balance
  • Peacock = creativity
  • Pepper Stem = growth
  • Aspen Gold = abundance
  • Princess Blue = serene
  • Sweet Lilac = innocence
  • Terrarium Moss = earthy
  • Mango Mojito = fresh fun
  • Toffee =Irresistible

Take a look at the list above and listen to your heart.

  • Which color jumped out at you as one you’d love to be wearing more of in 2019? It’s likely that the color translation is also something you’ve been hoping to manifest.

When you put that color on, you are prompting yourself to stay true to your values.  When others see you in it, you are priming them to see you with that particular adjective in mind. 

How We Make It Happen:

Each season, take a look at the colors and trends plus what is on your needs list to determine what (if anything) you’re going to pick up this season.

  1. Which colors spoke to you?  What is the color translation of the colors you like?  Does that align with where you’re headed right now?  Consciously choose items in that color and you will remind yourself and others what value you’re doubling-down on now.  To learn more about how to create your own color story, click here.
  2. Which trends spoke to you?  What is translation of that trend?  Does it align with an aspect of your life you want to amplify right now?  Check out the translations above and decide which one(s) you’ll use this season.  If you’re not sure about this, click here for my Style Starts Now! Mini-Course.
  3. Not Having It?  If none of these colors or trends speak to you this season, no worries.  You can sit this season out and use the time to invest in classic pieces, upgrade your foundations (bras, etc) or focus on your style rituals.  For more on style rituals, click here.

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