Tomato Profile: Deborah Goldstein – Smart, Fun, Successful and Very Focused

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Watch the video: Deborah Goldstein and the Head Tomato talk about being “introverts”, the “business” of business dining, and how to find balance in your life. 

If you’re a regular reader of our newsletters and web site, then you know we’re big fans of Deborah Goldstein and we often post her unique and healthy recipes and her advice and tips on finding balance in our business and personal lives so that we’re actually living our lives fully and not just managing our lives.  We’re impressed with her entrepreneurial ventures, first as a successful restauranteur with a hugely popular restaurant for several years in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  We love how she transitioned her talents to create Goldie’s Table Matters, which is all about understanding strategic business dining.  And her most recent venture is Driven Professionals which is all about helping professional women live productive, engaged and energized lives.  Deborah is a walking billboard for her mission.

The head tomato, Cheryl Benton,  had a chance last week to have lunch and catch up with Deborah.  They discovered they share a “secret”, and she also had a chance to thank Deborah for her advice on doing a “Weekly Review” of your accomplishments, and how Deborah makes time every day to make herself a priority before tackling her business day.

Watch our interview and you’ll be as charmed by Deborah as we are.

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Conversations with amazing women who fascinate and inspire us.

Tomato Profiles

Conversations with amazing women who fascinate and inspire us.

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