Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes

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While the Oscar show failed to live up to the hype, the red carpet did not disappoint. And while there were far fewer celebrities the ones that were there shone! How great to see the return of fashion. Our dear friend, NYC fashion designer, Gabrielle Carlson recently wrote a piece, called “Why Dress?”   Read her inspiring messsage and below that you’ll find our favorite Oscar red carpet picks and the not so favorites.

“Why I Dress”

By Gabrielle Carlson, NYC Fashion Designer, gabriellecarlson.com

Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes

Women have been asking recently: ‘why dress; where am I going?’ I dress because each new day is just that. I believe we are our most alive when we vibrate: Energy ignites.  

Living in NYC, where Spring has beautifully transformed the streets, is mesmerizing. Walking among trees dressed in blossoms, I’m present for the budding, the bloom – becoming jubilant green. Life abounds, a dynamic force at play. 

Walking wet pavements, blossoming beauty heightened for the wet trunks and branches, I think my city golden. I love what I’m wearing: A tee, jeans and sneakers. A tee of own design: the cut moves on the body and the bamboo knit breathes. Sometimes, I wear the cropped tee over a sheer layer for extra swing as I move about, and because I like the silk caressing my body. Occasionally, I really change it up: A new color, or a blouse – with jeans and sneakers!

I dress because I am.  It is the expression of self and I revel in it.   As humans, we get to choose our skin: dressing to be, or to hide out, be invisible: ‘who is going to see us?’  

I see me: I count.  On good days, I’m joyous, grateful to be in the world.  When sad, I dress, reaching for higher ground.  Our choice – stance is reflected in our dress.

Dressing as a present, accountable person is paramount: My insistence on being, especially when I feel fragmented, that I don’t matter – or feel less than. In those moments,  dressing  is how I forge forward beyond doubt. 

Oscar Night’s Red Carpet

Best of the Night

These dazzling gowns were our favorites and so glad to see glamour and fashion back!

Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Halle Berry looks stunning. This was our #1 pick of the evening!
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Amanda Seyfried
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Angela Bassett
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Laura Dern
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Margot Robbie
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Rita Moreno at 89, can still rock the red carpet.
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Not too many can pull off butterfly wings, but Regina King did it beautifully.

What were they thinking?

But, just because fashion returns, it doesn’t always mean the celebrities and their stylists get it right. Here are few of the “what were they thinking?”

Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
Glenn Close should fire her stylist. The tunic is lovely, but we just don’t get the rest of this.
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
We love Olivia Colelman, but looks like playing the Queen in the Crown did something to her fashion sense.
Time to Get Dressed Again Tomatoes
We love Reese Witherspoon but the belt cuts her off in an unflattering way.


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