Three Books about Women’s Sexual Lives

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By Beth Geohring

#MeToo dominates the headlines with disturbing reports of women’s and girls’ boundaries violated and their lives upended.  These three books by three talented women describe women’s sexual lives in provocative ways that are more empowering.

Elizabeth Gilbert inspires millions of women to forge their own paths. She has the most loving, unaffected, and sincere voice whether she’s writing memoir (Eat Pray Love), self-help (Big Magic), or fiction (The Signature of All Things). Her new novel, City of Girls, set in Manhattan from the 1930s through the ‘70s, makes no apologies for her main character’s quest for sex and satisfaction. It’s as intoxicating as a silver ice bucket of vintage champagne. Get the details.

Lisa Taddeo trains her award-winning novelist’s eye on real sex lives in Three Women .This exploration of three very different relationships in America today is raw, intense, and absolutely riveting. Get the book.

A Woman is No Man is not at all about sex; it’s about power.  In Etaf Rum’s unforgettable debut novel, a young woman fights to claim her own identity inside a Palestinian family struggling to maintain tradition amid upheaval. Get the book.


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