The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

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The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

The classic silk scarf has never really gone out of style, whether it’s Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall or the Duchess of Cambridge sporting it. It’s a wonderful accessory for a polished look, and you can wear it anytime of the year. Here are few we love plus a video at the end on how to tie a silk scarf.

The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

The Splurge

The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

Of the course classics like this one are from Hermes.  $325 .

Van Gogh Inspired Scarf

Dahlia Women’s 100% Luxury Long Silk Scarf – Van Gogh’s Art Collection. Amazon $49.99.

The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

Silk Art

A 100% luxurious 12-momme Charmeuse Silk. Comes in other designs and colors. Amazon $28.99

Channel Audrey Hepburn

The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

This short square neck square, so popular in the 50s is back. This one comes in multiple patterns and colors. 100% silk. Amazon $14.99.

Lightweight Silk

The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

Wear it as a headscarf or a neck scarf. 100% silk. $14.99 Amazon.

Be Creative

The Classic Silk Neck Scarf

Tie it to your handbag and have it ready as needed. Amazon $8.99


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