Thank you for Your Service

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thank you for your service, women in the military, the three tomatoesNovember 11 is Veterans Day, a special day to honor and remember the brave military people, past and present who have fought to defend and preserve our freedoms.   And for that, we thank them for their service which today includes more than 200,000 women who are in the active-duty military, including 69 generals and admirals.

thank you for your service, the three tomatoesBut women soldiers aren’t a new thing.  During the Revolutionary, Civil and Mexican Wars, a small number of women disguised themselves as men to fight in combat.  One of the first, was Deborah Samson Gannet who actually served in the Revolutionary War after her brother died, and she enlisted under his name, and disguised herself.  She wounded twice, and years later was actually awarded a pension.  During WWI the Navy and the Marine Corps allowed women to enlist, and over 12,000 women did. Over 350,000 women served in WWII.  And today’s women in the military included wives, moms, and all are our daughters.   We thank them and salute them.

Special thanks to Carole Blake who wrote the lyrics and Sarah Cion who wrote the music and produced this special tribute to all the brave women who serve in our military.





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