Showing Up When Showing Up is Tough

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by Allison Rohe Hamilton

This week and last have been tough:  like #MeToo, the Kavanaugh hearings have triggered lots of us.  How can you show up when you’re feeling so much?

This is a week for some radical self-care and self-compassion.  I’m not a psychologist, but I am a survivor.  I’m dealing with it through radical self-care.

Here are some of the things I’m doing this week to take good care of myself (in no particular order):

  • I’ve allowed myself a slow start in the morning.  I work from home, so I acknowledge this is a total privilege.
  • I sat in the sun yesterday and took a coffee-nap-meditation before the kids came home.
  • I ate one of the chocolate cupcakes my daughter and husband made over the weekend even though it blew my Weight Watchers points.
  • I canceled PT this week so I can get my work done and go protest at the Supreme Court on Thursday.
  • I’ll be going to bed early tonight and tomorrow and using my snail goop eye-patches while I read An American Marriage.
  • I’ve acknowledged my feelings with my husband and friends — and you.
  • I’m wearing uplifting clothing and colors to prime myself to be strong, believe in the light and stay positive.  If you’re curious about this, check out my Instagram, where I document my #dailyoutfit.
  • I had planned to put together my Fall Shopping piece this week, but decided to re-post this article I wrote during #MeToo instead.

Hopefully, it will help you and your loved ones.

I’m also opening up my calendar for those of you who have struggled with image issues stemming from your own sexual abuse or assault.  Please book some time and we can discuss how you can move forward.

Stay strong, my loves, and stay courageous.

Allison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach. Through her unique formula, she helps you create a personal style you can inhabit with ease.  She is a global nomad who currently lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband, two kids and a sweet Dutch bunny.  Would you like to learn more about how to create your personal style and inhabit it with ease? Sign up today to receive your Personal Style Starter Series

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