SF LIFE: Self-Care, Comedy, Free Food, Floating Cinema

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SF LIFE: Self-Care, Comedy, Free Food, Floating Cinema

Hello friends – are you making sure to take time for self-care? The Whole Soul Company started by a local tomato has the products you need now. Support LOCAL! Kung Pao Kosher Comedy has online offerings with the funniest of the funny people who will bring out a big belly laugh. A city wide project in Oakland and SF has fridges stocked curbside around town for those in need! And a floating cinema – yes please, it’s coming soon. You’ll love this week’s podcast on when celebrity activism goes bad.  And check out The Three Tomatoes Book Club.


SF LIFE: Self-Care, Comedy, Free Food, Floating Cinema

Tomatoes, are you taking care of yourselves? Epsom salt baths, face masks?  If you aren’t, you definitely should be – so important for mental and physical wellbeing. We are all about supporting local business, especially ones founded by Tomatoes. Check out The Whole Soul Company started by Jennifer MacDonell, a Labor and Delivery nurse, certified life coach and energy healer, and advanced aromatherapist. Her company features luxurious and clean bath and body products that include something for all of us (men too).

She has a Boob and Bum balm for mamas and babies, of course a hand sanitizer, Hand Sanity, with all-natural ingredients and infused with aloe vera for softness and essential oils with antimicrobial properties. The Glimmer Body oil hydrates the skin like no other and Immunobooster – a roller ball that helps ease  the perception of commonly encountered irritations. Treat yourself – you’ll be glad you did! Thewholesoulcompany.com

From George Clooney to Kim Kardashian: The Truth Behind Celebrity Do-Gooders!

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Radio, TV personality, and author Cooper Lawrence discusses her just published book Celebritocracy, The Misguided Agenda of Celebrity Politics in a Postmodern Democracy, which exposes nonfictional accounts of the many instances when celebrity activism ended up causing more harm than good. This is a fascinating and eye-opening conversation of activism gone wrong, celebrity pseudo experts (i.e., Gwyneth Paltrow) and much more.

Listen in here.

Kung Pao Kosher Comedy

SF LIFE: Self-Care, Comedy, Free Food, Floating Cinema

Lockdown Comedy – it’s a thing. The funny people behind Kung Pao Kosher Comedy are now presenting monthly zoom shows. Kung Pao Comedy is Jewish comedy on Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown – (for those not in the know). Their first Zoom show was held earlier this month, and the reviews are in – side splitting hilarity.

Next up is August 20th (save the date).  Featuring some of the country’s top comedians, including famous tomato, Cathy Ladman who was featured many times on the Tonight Show, and has been seen on all the late night gigs. And you will love this, in addition to the other comedians, Arline Geduldig, mother of SF comedian and creator of this show, Lisa Geduldig, is a Florida-based budding stand up comedian. She offers her keen observations on aging, hearing aids and hot young fireman. This is gonna be great tomatoes! Get tickets.

The Three Tomatoes Book Club

Food Fridges Around Town

SF LIFE: Self-Care, Comedy, Free Food, Floating Cinema

An array of refrigerators has been spotted popping up all over Oakland lately, and no, they’re not just manifesting out of thin air. They have been deliberately planted across the city by some Bay Area heroes in an effort to aid Oakland’s residents. The fridges you may have seen around town are part of a city-wide project run by Town Fridge Network, an organization aiding those experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity in Oakland.

The fridges are stationed around town and are filled by residents’ donations, aiming to provide fresh produce and other goods to those in need. Ideally, those who have excess food to share will add to the fridge and those who need food will have access to it. Due to their popularity, the idea is spreading even further than Oakland limits. A group called SF Free Food Fridge has launched in San Francisco as a response to Town Fridge’s success. You can get behind the revolution of mutual aid and spreading the love by  heading to instagram. For now you can find out information on instagram. @townfridgenetwork and @townfridge or @sffreefridge, they ask donors to: skip donating raw meat, label + date all perishable food containers, donate the food elsewhere if the fridge is full, put non-perishables outside the fridge on shelving (don’t take up valuable fridge space), and if you have a big donation of the same item, divvy it up across several fridges.

Sept. 2-6. Floating Cinema

SF LIFE: Self-Care, Comedy, Free Food, Floating Cinema

If you are getting a wee bit weary of watching movies on your home screen, here is an idea borrowed from the French. After recently debuting in Paris on the Seine, a socially distant floating cinema is coming to SF.  It will be set up in an undisclosed location in San Francisco Bay from the week of September 2nd – 6th. The floating cinema will be made up of 12 to 24 mini boats and will hold up to 8 people per boat. Cinema goers will be required to purchase a ticket for the whole boat to ensure that groups will be seated with friends and family only.

There will be a mix of modern and classic films and exact films will be announced when tickets go up for sale. Get this – free popcorn for everyone attending and you can purchase other movie snacks (let’s hope junior mints and gummy worms) before you set sail. Sign up to receive info when tickets are released. Sure to sell out – I mean who doesn’t want to get out of the house safely? Get tickets.

Join us live on face.com or YouTube.


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