The Three Tomatoes Book Club

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The Three Tomatoes Book Club

If you love to read and enjoy stimulating conversations about books with like-minded women, and with the authors of the books we have selected, then this is the BOOK CLUB for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • All meetings will be on ZOOM with the authors of the books we select.
  • Meetings will be interactive so you can ask the authors questions.
  • Book selections will be announced at least a month and a half in advance. 
  • All of you have to do is signup for the book events you are interested in attending and we will send you the zoom link.

Our First Book Club Event is Tuesday August 25th at 7 PM

The Book Selection: This Sweet Life, How We Lived After Kirby Died

The Three Tomatoes Book Club

Chances are you remember the story that made international headlines about Kirby Brown and two others who died in a sweat lodge on a self-help retreat led by James Arthur Ray who was hailed as a “guru” by celebrities like Oprah and several media news outlets. He ultimately was convicted of negligent homicide but spent only 20 months in prison. He is now back on the “self-help” circuit.

Now Kirby’s mother, Ginny Brown, and her sister, Jean Brown are telling the real story.

Ultimately, this book is our story. When Kirby died, the details of her death were for public consumption and so much of what happened—the criminal investigation, the media and public interest—was beyond us and out of our control. The public story was incomplete. Now, ten years later, we are reclaiming this story for ourselves, showing how it has impacted and changed us.” ~Ginny Brown, mother of Kirby Brown. 

Here are Ginny Brown and Jean Brown reading from their book:

The book is available on Amazon and booksellers everywhere.

To participate in the book club event on August 25th at 7 PM you must signup (no charge) to attend the ZOOM event. SPACE IS LIMITED.

Sign up here.


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