SF LIFE: Mill Valley Film Fest, Thomas Keller, Travel Show, Artspan

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SF LIFE: Mill Valley Film Fest, Thomas Keller, Travel Show, Artspan

Ah my friends at home. I wish we could all gather and check out the fabulous art of the bay area. Thanks to technology ARTSPAN has created a unique way to share virtually. Same with the Travel and Adventure show, which is so inspiring in person, but even more great info this year through the wonders of technology. The Mill Valley Film Fest is a happening….and some of it live from your car! Thomas Keller in conversation should be a great evening as we learn about this celebrated chef’s new book! Check out this week’s podcast that is all about skin care. And wine lovers, hurry and sign up for our Napa Valley wine experience.

$75 for Two for a Fabulous Napa Wine Experience

Napa Valley Wiine Experieince

Attention wine loving friends. This is the ultimate Napa Valley wine tasting experience to one of their most prestigious vineyards, Grgich Hills Estate. Your award-winning premium wines (for two people, or just for you) for the tasting can be ordered in advance and delivered to your door before the event (if ordered by Oct. 14th.) And we will have an exclusive tour and conversation with the winemakers.  GET THE DETAILS.

Drive In Film Festival

SF LIFE: Mill Valley Film Fest, Thomas Keller, Travel Show, Artspan

With very little traffic to contend with, this might be the year to head to Mill Valley for their annual film fest. Lagoon Park at the Marin Center is home to 10 nights of fabulous festival drive-in films! Or transform your home into a makeshift theater for a variety of virtual screenings. Look for a spotlight on Regina King and tributes to Dame Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, and Kate Winslet. As usual the films being screened are enticing.

 How about grabbing your popcorn on Monday night and enjoy this gem? From the writer of Midnight Run comes the ultimate, retro Drive-In movie! When you put a bunch of A-list actors into an irreverent romp that both lionizes and satirizes old-school Hollywood, you’re in for a fun ride. It’s 1974, and as his latest schlock-pic tanks, Max Barber (Robert De Niro) is deep in debt to the mob—specifically, Reggie Fontaine (Morgan Freeman) who has a certain flair that’s very ‘70s. The star? Duke Montana (the indisputably great Tommy Lee Jones). If you’re up for a flick that flips stereotypes and tramples taboos, drive on over, tune in, and enjoy the ride. With De Niro, Freeman, Braff, and Tommy Lee Jones on board, isn’t that just what you need?  https://www.mvff.com/

A Physician Answers Our Skin Care Questions

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

This week’s Happy Hour Podcast is all about skin care. I interviewed Dr. Sunitha Posina – the “Beauty Internist” who is passionate about skincare and shares her tips for looking your best at any age. Lots of great info is shared, like do you really need 10 products? Listen in to find out.

Oct. 26. Chef Thomas Keller at City Arts

SF LIFE: Mill Valley Film Fest, Thomas Keller, Travel Show, Artspan

Renowned  California Chef Thomas Keller, heads virtually,  to City Arts and Lectures for a conversation in celebration of the publication of his first book in eight years — The French Laundry, Per Se. Beyond its recipes, stories, and gorgeous photographs, the book offers new insight into his philosophy around building a team that evolves successfully over time.

Keller is the first and only American chef to have two Michelin Guide three-star-rated restaurants, The French Laundry and per se, both of which continue to rank among the best restaurants in America and the world. And aren’t we lucky one is in the Bay Area. The French Laundry is now serving dinner, it’s a wee bit pricey, but worth it (I hear) if you are fortunate enough to nab a reso. Livestreaming on Monday October 26th at 6 p.m. tickets are $29. Cityarts.net

Travel and Adventures

Let’s be positive and think about travel in the future. A great way to do this is visit the Travel and Adventure shows virtually. Although we love going to the event live, to check out our bucket list destinations, like Safaris and hikes in the Alps, this will do for now. You can find, plan, and book your next vacation right from your home office! Starting on October 21st with Focus: Europe, you’ll have access to 7 different events spanning over the next 3 months. Technology has certainly evolved during this time and the Travel show features virtual theatres and ability to interact with the presenters, travel agents and travel personalities.

Dedicated Zoom meeting rooms give exhibitors the ability to answer your questions face-to-face. On-demand virtual Destination Theater Stage sessions give you destination-specific advice and the Virtual Travel Theater puts you in front of the top travel celebrities at each show including Rick Steves, Samantha Brown, Pauline Frommer, Peter Greenberg and more. This is so cool. Really, we will be able to travel again, so get ready, set and drool over the destinations. Travelshows.com

Now-Oct. 14. SF (Open) Studios features 250 artists

SF LIFE: Mill Valley Film Fest, Thomas Keller, Travel Show, Artspan

With Miss Rona continuing to overstay her welcome, artists need all the support they can get and ArtSpan has reimagined its 45-year tradition so you can do that from wherever you’re sheltering in place. Through October 14th, ArtSpan’s SF (Open) Studios presents FREE interactive events featuring 250+ artists that you can virtually visit, chat with, and purchase from in real-time. With everything from live studio tours to curated art salons and virtual celebrations, SF (Open) Studios has something for ever art fanatic. On Wednesday, October 14th, the owner and director of Voss Gallery, Ashley Voss, is hosting an artful evening of creative chats with a number of different art luminaries. Sfosguide.com


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