Quiet Luxury

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The first time we heard this term was when Gwyneth Paltrow was being sued and reporters followed her every day into the courtroom, and of course the fashionistas reported on everything she wore. Which was basically understated classic tailored slacks, blazers, and turtleneck. But all beautifully tailored in high-end fabrics…wools and cashmeres.

Quiet luxury is now the non-trend trend of the year.  It’s a style that emphasizes understated elegance, high-quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship and tailoring rather than overt branding or flashy displays. It’s about a subtle, refined, and sophisticated aesthetic that speaks volumes through its attention to detail and timeless design, rather than relying on loud logos or conspicuous displays of wealth. In a world where fashion trends can be fleeting, quiet luxury tends to transcend time and maintain its appeal over the long term.

How to get the look. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Just look for classic styles, good fabrics, and if you want a perfect fit, as all of our stylists will tell you, find a good tailor.

Here are a few “quiet luxury” looks that don’t cost a fortune.

Long Satin Skirt

The long satin skirt is both versatile and statement-making at the same time. elegant, luxurious and gorgeous feel. Comes in several colors. Amazon $38.99

Merino Wool Turtleneck

100% Australia Merino wool is 100% natural product, which is obtained from merino sheep. The functionality of merino as a fibre has made it one of the most sought for materials in cold and moist circumstances. Comes in several colors. Amazon $39.99.

The Tweed Blazer

Be prepared for a brisk walkabout in a tweedy blazer made from warming wool and covered in a stately check. Nordstrom $395.00

Wide Leg Wool Trousers

Stretch-kissed wool trousers get the flow just exactly right by adding a high waist and a wide-legged silhouette. Norstrom $330.00

Classic Wool and Cashmere Cape

Warm and soft: Perfect with basic t-shirt, crop top, leggings, black slacks, shorts, skinny pants, jeans, knee high boots or high heels for a classy look. Amazon $261.00

Tory Burch Ballet Loafer

A modern interpretation of two classic silhouettes, these Tory Burch flats combine flexible ballet slippers with the profile of a loafer for a pair that is both chic and incredibly easy to wear. And the logo is very subtle. Amazon $298.00



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