PODCAST: Face Fitness Exercises that Reverse the Signs of Aging

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If you’re like me, almost every time you look in the mirror you see another sign of aging on your face—wrinkles that weren’t there yesterday, a mouth that looks like a scowl, and don’t even get me started on my sagging neck!  Well this podcast is all about a fitness program for you face—exercises for your face that can enhance the appearance of your face – without fillers, Botox, or surgery!

Meet Dr. Naeemah Ruffin who is changing the faces of women and men too, with a natural and noninvasive approach to achieving a youthful facial appearance. She is the Founder and CEO of Bellantz. She is a trained medical doctor who did her surgical and chief residency at the Icann school Medicine at Mt Sinai and did fellowships in dermopathology. Prior to become a doctor she was a CPA at a Fortune 20 financial services firm.

In this fascinating interview, she explains we have over 50 muscles in our face, and how she developed her facial exercise programs. We also talked about how Botox can atrophy the muscles in your face, and then your face starts to sink in and then you need fillers, and then you’re down the rabbit hole of injectables. But within 4-6 weeks of facial exercises, you will start to see results. Listen into the podcast and learn more about Dr. Ruffin and her face fitness program at Bellantz.com


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