Our Tomato Reviewers November Book Picks

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Our Tomato reviewers recommend Blood Lines, the latest thriller from Nelson DeMille. Carolina’s Ring is a heartfelt novel set in South Carolina. And Quench is a groundbreaking exploration of hydration’s impact on health.

DeMille Does It Again!

From New York Times bestselling authors Nelson DeMille and Alex DeMille, Blood Lines features the return of Army CID Special Agents Brodie and Taylor who are on the hunt for the cold-blooded murderer of one of their fellow agents. I loved the book. It was up to his high standards, a page turner. I could not put it down, and stayed up half the night reading it.

Army Criminal Investigation Agents Scott Brodie and Maggie Taylor have been separated for five months following their last assignment, a dangerous mission in Venezuela to locate and detain an infamous Army deserter. Now, in Berlin, they are reunited and tasked with investigating the murder of one of their own: CID Special Agent Harry Vance of the 5th MP Battalion, an accomplished counterterrorism agent who had been stationed in western Germany, and whose body was discovered in a city park in the heart of Berlin’s Arab refugee community.

The authorities suspect this is an act of Islamic terrorism, but Brodie and Taylor soon believe there is more to this case. The reason for Vance’s presence in Berlin is unknown, and as Brodie and Taylor work to discover what the murder victim was doing in the days and weeks preceding his death, they become immersed in the many conflicts and contradictions of modern Germany—the Arab refugee crisis, the dark legacy of the Cold War and the Stasi secret police, and the imminent threats of a rising neo-Nazi movement. At the same time, they are butting heads with the authorities—both German and American—and facing a possible threat from American intelligence agents who fear that Brodie and Taylor might have learned too much about US clandestine operations during their mission in Venezuela. GET THE BOOK.

~Stu Benton, aka “Mr. Tomato”

A Five Read with a Surprise Ending

Carolina’s Ring, by Lynn Seldon, begins in the foothills of South Carolina between Carolina Stone and childhood friends, twin brothers Ben and Alf Marshall.  They have lived next door to each other since they were born.  Ben and Alf’s father died fifteen days before they were born.  He was returning home from a weekend drill with the South Carolina Army National Guard when his car hit an ice patch on the road.  He crashed and was killed instantly.  Their mother has raised the boys as a single parent.  She is an administrative assistant for Professor Bob Stone, head of the English department at Furman University.

Carolina is the only daughter of Professor Stone and his wife, Sarah.  The twins, Ben and Alf were born on the same morning as Carolina at the Greenville Memorial Hospital.  These children have grown up together.  Sarah Stone would soon come to call them the ABC’s. They were always playing in each other’s yard.  They thought of themselves as three best friends until they were teenagers and feelings became more than a friendship.

The heart of this story is the love between Alf and Carolina and the devotion Ben has for each of them.  Ben did confess his love to Carolina, but she tells him she has given her heart to Alf and is totally committed to his brother Alf.  Ben accepts her decision, but it has made their being together a little awkward at first.  It does become a bit easier and especially when they all head off to college.  Alf attends The Citadel, while Ben goes off to Virginia Military Institute.  Carolina goes to the University of North Carolina.  They do make some weekend visits to each other and reunite for holiday breaks.  Ben and Carolina notice a big change in Alf after being at The Citadel for only a short time.  He is withdrawn and does not talk much.  They go through some unexpected events in their lives to shape their destinies.

Lynn Seldon did an excellent job in developing his characters in this book.  The story was a page turner for me.  I was really surprised by the ending and one other thing that came out at the end about one of the characters.  A surprise ending is a good thing in my opinion.  I really loved this book.  It was my first read of Seldon’s but won’t be my last.  Carolina’s Ring is book two in The Ring Trilogy.  I have not read book one yet, it will be my next read and book three is not out yet.  I highly recommend this book. It was five stars from me. GET THE BOOK.

~Francene Katzen, Richmond, Virginia, advocate for parents who have children with drug addictions.

Practical Strategies to Improve Daily Hydration Habits

“Quench” by Dana Cohen and Gina Bria is a groundbreaking exploration of an essential yet often misunderstood aspect of health and well-being:  proper hydration. Dr. Dana Cohen, a renowned integrative medicine physician, teams up with medical journalist Gina Bria to present a comprehensive and eye-opening guide to the science of hydration and its profound impact on our overall health.

The book begins by challenging our conventional understanding of hydration. Rather than just focusing on the quantity of water we consume, “Quench” delves deep into the quality of water and its delivery to our cells.  The authors introduce the concept of “structured water,” which is water that has been naturally revitalized and is better absorbed by the body. They argue that merely drinking eight glasses of tap water per day isn’t enough and may not be as beneficial as we think.

Cohen and Bria take readers on a journey through various cultures and traditions, exploring how different societies have optimized their hydration over the centuries. They shed light on the wisdom of practices such as drinking warm water, consuming water-rich foods, and using electrolytes to enhance hydration. This broad perspective adds a holistic dimension to the book, connecting hydration with culture, history, and traditions.

One of the most compelling aspects of “Quench” is its emphasis on how proper hydration can address a wide range of health issues, from common ailments like fatigue, headaches, and digestive problems to more serious conditions like diabetes and arthritis. The authors provide a wealth of scientific research, case studies, and practical tips to support their claims.

The book is well-organized and accessible, making complex scientific concepts easy to understand. The inclusion of personal anecdotes and patient stories adds a human touch, making the information more relatable and inspiring. And not just a theoretical guide, “Quench” offers practical strategies to improve daily hydration habits, from choosing the right water to crafting delicious hydrating recipes. GET THE BOOK.

~Joan Pagano, NYC, Joan Pagano Fitness

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The Three Tomatoes Book Shelf If you love books you've come to the right place. Here's where you'll find great books that our Tomato reviewers have read and think other tomatoes will love too. Enjoy.

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