Our Stylists Pick Oscars Best Dressed and Not So Best

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No matter how beautiful a woman looks, if she needs help walking to get her Oscar because of her dress or shoes, then her outfit is not a winner.” Scarlett DeBease

Well after the hoopla over the host and then no host at the Oscars, it turned out we didn’t actually miss not having a host.  Ratings were actually up over last year – although that might have had something to do with the fact the Academy nominated movies that audiences had actually gone to see and loved – and the first time in a long time, the show was entertaining and moved alone.

The highlights: Queens opening numbers; Tina Faye, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph, the no hosts who would have made great hosts; Melissa McCarthy in costume to hand out the costume awards; and the swoon worthy performance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  Oh and then there was the fashion.

And 3T style contributors, Carol Davidson, Scarlett DeBease, Paul Julch and Marla Tomazin have their picks and pans today. 

The Favorites

Tied for first place are Regina King and Helen Mirren.

Regina King

Regina King, best dressed at the Oscards

Paul Julch: She was classic Hollywood glamour in an ivory gown with subtle sparkling embellishment. But this dress didn’t lack drama – the draped bodice, architectural skirt and leg-baring slit channeled old-Hollywood style in a completely modern way. This look proves that you can be sexy and powerful in tinsel town, even on the cusp of 50.

Scarlett DeBease: Oh, how I love a shirred waist, as it creates and/or accentuates a hour glass figure. The beauty of this dress is its simplicity, and it can easily be altered to show less leg for those of us who are a bit less daring.

Marla Tomazin: Regina looked classically beautiful in her timeless Oscar de la Renta gown. I loved the simplicity of her clean and crisp white dress, and her shoes, diamond drop Chopard earrings, and handbag perfectly complimented the look—as did her understated makeup and hair style.

3T commentary: We thought she looked divine. And the slit gown was a definite trend on the red carpet this year. Hey, if you have great legs, flaunt them.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren, best dressed at the Oscars

Carol Davidson:  While there was a plethora of pink on the red carpet, Helen Mirren did pink to perfection. The layers of fuchsia and apricot gave the hue a subtle quality, which was lovely to look at. The fitted waist and flowy fabric were a winning combination, especially as she twirled on the Red Carpet. And those gorgeous Harry Winston jewels? Enough said.

Scarlett DeBease:  She seems to get the Best dressed Oscar EVERY year.  Elegant, figure flattering, arm covering, and full of gorgeous oomph when she walked or turned around.

Marla Tomazin:  A class act as always, Helen Mirren looked so sexy and confident in her frothy pink Schiaparelli gown and matching bag. The mix of pink tones was very effective, and she seemed to be enjoying herself in her gown, as she couldn’t stop twirling. What fun!

3T Commentary: Helen Mirren always gets it right. And by the way, both Helen and Glenn Close get our award for allowing their beautiful faces so show their age since neither appear to have had face lifts or faces plumped up with Botox and fillers.  Cheers to them!

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy, best dressed at the Oscars

Carol Davidson:  Kudos to Melissa McCarthy’s for saying no to a conventional gown, and yes to a stunning, black and white, wide-legged pantsuit. The plunging neckline and high waist were oh-so-figure-flattering, while the cape added yet more glam to this dramatic silhouette. And who doesn’t love a wispy updo and a bold lip?

Scarlett DeBease:  She’s got the 3 P’s!! Power, Personality and great Pants. Proof that you don’t have to be a size 4 to look amazing! The waist inset is perfect for her and the cape not only adds drama, but also helps make her middle look narrower. 

3T Commentary:  We concur with Carol and Scarlett.  Melissa McCarthy rocked it!

Other Favorites:

Michelle Yeoh

Brie Larson

Alison Janney

Gemma Chan

Lady Gaga

Billy Porter

Paul Julch:  Brie Larson – was a silver goddess in a high-necked, shoulder baring gown. Deceptively simple, the gown molded to her curves in a sexy yet powerful way. Her styling was on point as well, with soft waves in her hair and simple (by Oscar standards) jewels.

Carol Davidson: Alison Janney proves that black need not be basic or boring. Amongst all the color, she stood out – for all the right reasons – in her sleek and sexy, black gown. With just a nod to tuxedo-styling and a menswear touch, I love how the deep V and defined waist was all woman. Combined with a Chopard choker and glam makeup, she epitomized Hollywood glamour.

Marla Tomazin:  Gemma Chan: Pink was a major trend this year. While many stars pulled off various shades with grace, Gemma positively glowed in her hot pink Valentino gown. With its high neck and horizontal ruching, she looked sexy and comfortable at the same time—her dress even had pockets! She was a “wow” as she floated on the red carpet.

Marla Tomazin:  Lady Gaga looked every bit the glamorous movie star she is in Alexander McQueen. It looks like she chose to go elegant instead of outrageous or controversial, and pulled the look off flawlessly. I loved her black gloves, simple hairstyle, and that stunning Tiffany diamond was the pièce de résistance! It didn’t hurt that she continued to wow us with her performance of Shallow along with Bradley Cooper. That Oscar moment is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Marla TomazinBilly Porter’s Christian Siriano Tuxedo gown made quite a statement! Good for him for bending the dress code norms by playfully merging feminine and masculine styles,  and doing it so gracefully! He seemed comfortable, dapper, and at ease!

The Misses

No argument on the misses. Topping the list were Linda Cardellini, Maya Rudolph, and Kasey Musraves.

Kasey Musgraves

Kasey Musgraves, Oscar  pans

Paul Julch:   Kasey Musgraves – her dress did not do justice to her beauty. Instead of stunning on the red carpet, she looked like a pink loofah from head to toe. Ruffles from neck to floor and ruffles on her wrist essentially drowned her frame. We saw the dress, but we didn’t see her.

Scarlet DeBease:  Its a tie between Linda Cardellini and Kasey Musgraves. It’s never good to look like your wearing one of Barbie’s gowns. Never. I’m a strong believer that a woman looks best when she wears a dress that flatters her instead of overpowering her. If a dress can resemble a little girls pink bedroom, I say pass.

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Paul Julch:  There must have been a sale on ruffles, because Linda Cardellini joined Kasey Musgraves in a ruffle-frenzy. The dress looked more like a brightly colored feather duster than something worthy of an award show, and it overwhelmed anything the talented actress had to say.

Carol Davidson: The good news is that Linda Cardellini’s dress will be talked about for quite a while. The bad news is that it’s for all the wrong (and obvious) reasons. My biggest complaint here is that the gown wore her and not the other way around. While it took attention away from her beautiful face and fabulous physique, thankfully no dress can take away from the magnitude of her movie.

Maya Rudolph

Paul Julch:   I love her and her amazing humor, but I didn’t love this dress. Pink, floral, ruffles, a bow and a cape – it reminded me more of bad bedroom curtains than anything else. If she saw this in the window, she should have resisted.

Carol Davidson: While Maya Rudolph’s comedy makes me laugh until I cry, her Oscar gown just made me want to cry. Echoing the feeling of a bad bridesmaid’s dress, it was too much volume, too much pattern and too much pink.  And while Melissa McCarthy’s jumpsuit proved that a cape can be fab, this cape just added to a costume-y look and feel.

Marla Tomazin: I love Maya Rudolph, but what the heck was she wearing? She completely disappeared in that overwhelming caped floral dress. I doubt that’s the effect she was going for, but sadly, that was the outcome. 

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Various style experts offers tips for tomatoes. Plus you’ll find our Red Carpet reviews here too with the hits and misses.

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