Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and Pans

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Once again, this year, we reached out to the four regular style contributors to the 3Ts to get their picks and pans on the Oscar fashions. And really, the clothes are always the most exciting part of a long drawn out evening.  And we couldn’t resist weighing in with our thoughts too. So, who wore it best, and who missed the mark? And who was the most beautiful woman in the room? You’ll find our choice at the very end.

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and Pans

The Three Tomatoes stylists weigh in:  Carol Davidson, Scarlett DeBease, Paul Julch, Marla Tomazin. Make sure to read their style columns.

Best Dressed

Allison Janney is #1

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and Pans

Scarlett DeBease: I love how gorgeous and sexy she looks without having to show lots of skin. Those sleeves are genius for covering up arms without having to get over-heated.

Carol Davidson:  Her look was – in a word – stunning. I’m not normally a fan of red on the red carpet, but it was the perfect choice with Allison’s coloring. The silhouette was dramatic and elegant and fit her to perfection!  While a plunging neckline and long angel sleeves are difficult details for most of us to pull off, she wore both with grace and ease. Her understated, yet luxe accessories (ahhh, that simple strand of diamonds!) were the perfect complement to such an eye-catching dress.

Paul Julch: She looked sleek, chic and dramatic in a body hugging red gown.  From the sculpted neckline to the floor sweeping sleeves to the pop color, she wow’ed in an oh-so-sophisticated way.

The Three Tomatoes: Our favorite color. She looked perfect and loved the long sleeves.

Jane Fonda

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and Pans

Scarlett DeBease: Gorgeous and classy. She can still make us feel the burn!!

Paul Julch: Jane Fonda – once again proves she’s still got it!  Simple white (a common theme through the evening) with an architectural neckline and major shoulder pads were the perfect combo to bring all the attention up to her face.

The Three Tomatoes: Jane can compete with women half her age. She is definitely re-defining the perceptions of age.

Nicole Kidman

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansPaul Julch: She was a showstopper in a blue.  The dress had everything you’d want – strong lines, bold color, incredible fabric, and a dramatically oversized bow that took it from elegant to amazing.

Marla Tomazin. Nicole looked like a true Hollywood movie star in the Armani Privé bow front column dress. The color was so flattering on her, and with her tall lean figure, the style was perfect! Loved the diamond earrings and bracelet and simple straight hair. She was a WOW!

The Three Tomatoes: Nicole is one of those rare women who can truly pull off cutting edge couture.

Jennifer Garner

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansCarol Davidson:  Jennifer channeled old, Hollywood glamour in a way that felt modern and fresh. I loved the Grecian feel to this dress, complete with its dramatic train. (So red carpet!) The bold, royal blue hue really complimented her skin tone and offered a welcome departure from all of the white and blush tones. What’s more, the folds and rouching detail added a feminine look and feel, as did her beautiful side-swept hair and soft makeup. This dress was a winner in my mind!

Marla Tomazin. Garner was stunning in that blue Versace gown. The softness of the chiffon was feminine, while the shirring and asymmetrical shoulder and neck detail made it very sexy. Her hair and earrings were perfect! Ben Affleck, eat your heart out!

Gal Godot 

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansCarol Davidson:  Last night all that glittered was gunmetal! Gal Godot simply sparkled in a flapper-inspired metallic gown. Admittedly a metallic dress can be difficult to accessorize but she got it just right.  The Tiffany “Blue Ice” not only added to the art deco allure, but it also beautifully filled in a potentially “TMI” neckline.  Also on point were her hair and makeup which were simple yet glam, not to compete with the dress. Her bold, red lip added just the right amount of color to her look.  

Marla Tomazin.  She looked great in the glittery Givenchy gown and stunning Tiffany & Co. necklace. It doesn’t hurt that she is Wonder Woman—I just love her!

The Three Tomatoes: Gal Godot would look spectacular in a burlap bag. She is just stunning.

Margot Robbie

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansPaul Julch: She looked stunningly simple and chic in a white strapless column gown with crystal enhanced embellishments.  It was the perfect mix of subtle and standout that allowed her to shine.

Marla Tomazin.  I really liked the white Chanel column gown on Margot. And the clear acrylic bag she was carrying was a “perfect piece of ice” that worked well with her dress. I also loved how the simple wave in her hair quietly worked with the gown.

Allison Williams

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansPaul Julch: She had a gorgeous Oscar moment in her nude beaded dress.  The strong pleating and beadwork created a princess gown with a clear old Hollywood vibe, supported by great styling.

The Three Tomatoes: She always hits the style mark.  Totally agree with Paul.

Mary J Blige

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansPaul Julch: She shone in a sculpted white dress mixing matte with bling.  Amazing fit and deceptively simple, it was perfect for her dual-nomination moment.

The Three Tomatoes: The only thing that marred her otherwise perfect look is her tattoo. Young girls take note!

Viola Davis

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansMarla Tomazin. Loved the hot pink Kors gown on Viola with her fabulous hairstyle, perfect clutch, and the diamond earrings and bracelets. Just like last year, she was a standout winner!

 Paul Julch: She commanded attention in a shiny pink dress, and her hair and earrings gave off a fun disco vibe.  The fit seemed a bit off, though – the dress didn’t hug her body as it should, and the straps were seen falling from her shoulders during the night.

The Three Tomatoes:   Loved, loved her in pink. And we didn’t notice the fit, which is why the world needs professional stylists like Paul.

Honorable Mentions

Helen Mirren

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and Pans

Marla Tomazin. She was fabulous in the simple blue dress and necklace she chose—what a class act!

The Three Tomatoes.  Helen Mirren always knocks it out of the ball park. We love this simple, elegant jersey gown and the color is beautiful on her

Meryl Streep

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansThe Three Tomatoes. Well let’s hear it for Meryl. She often looks a bit dowdy, but we really loved her in this beautiful red dress.

What were they were thinking?

Salma Hayek

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansWe love Salma, but it was a unanimous thumbs down.

Scarlett DeBease. I thought that Selma Hayek’s dress was too much like a little girls dress up dress. I would have loved to see her in a less busy gown.

Carol Davidson: We’ve all heard the expression, “Less is more.”  Salma Hayek’s is a great example of what happens when too much of a good thing is, well, too much.  With a bit of a Tinkerbell feel, the sequins, crystals, lace and ruffles were too overwhelming for petite Salma. Not to mention the horizontal tiers added unnecessary width to her curvy frame. Regrettably the dress and embellishments distracted not only from her beauty, but potentially from her message as well.

Paul Julch: Salma Hayek apparently couldn’t decide on a design direction, so she went with many.  From the chandelier crystals on her neckline to the sequined pink fabric to the tiered ruffles reminiscent of bad curtains, it looked like a Gone With The Wind moment that she couldn’t resist – but she should have.

The Three Tomatoes. Simply put, the dress was a mess.

Blanca Blonco 

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansScarlett DeBease. I don’t know who she is, but I do know that her dress takes away from her beauty. If it wasn’t so low cut, it would have been more flattering by showing off her great figure instead of distracting us. Too much going on here.

Carol Davidson: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Yes, Blanca has a killer body. But maybe she could have left just a little to the imagination?

Maya Rudolph

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansCarol Davidson. Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t believe in complete coverage. (Maya Rudolph, if you are reading…I’m talking to you – smile.) That said, I do think that there should be a balance between coverage and exposure. Just saying…

Marla Tomazin. I love Maya and was dismayed to see her in that red dress. She was lost because it was so overwhelming, unattractive, and distracting that she just disappeared.

The Three Tomatoes.  My-o-maya.

Andra Day

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and PansCarol Davidson: I love a floral print as much as the next gal. But is it just me, or did Andra’s floral print dress look a bit like a floral duvet cover or something that you might see in a children’s fairy tale? She is a talented and beautiful singer but regrettably the pastel colors washed her out and the puffy sleeves and billowing silhouette were not a friend (to say the least). Not only wasn’t the dress right for her, I don’t think it was a good match for the event either.

Paul Julch. I know there was some kind of design behind this one, but it came across as floral sheets gone wrong.  Too much volume and too much print added up to more of a costume than an Oscar dress – and the styling (burgundy shoes, overdone hair) didn’t help.

Whoopie Goldberg

Oscar Fashion 2018: The 3T Stylists’ Picks and Pans 

The Three Tomatoes. There are no words. The picture says it all.

The Most Beautiful Actress of the Evening

While she won’t make anyone’s best dressed list, she certainly made everyone’s most beautiful list. She is an awesome, beautiful authentic human being and her award winning, “Can You See Us Now?” speech was perfect.





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  1. Joan Pagano says:

    I love this fashion review! Only wish that the designers had also been named at the top of each picture.

  2. Beth Goehring says:

    Great commentary! How ’bout Emma Stone? I loved the way she stood out in that slim ensemble–the pink belt. She’s fresh, unafraid, and bold!

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