Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

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Well there were very few surprises in last night’s Oscar show. Everyone who was predicted to win, won. The highlights for us were Brad Pitt (always), Janelle Monae’s opening song (and her gown), Steve Martin and Chris Rock, and Jane Fonda at the very end giving out the Oscar for Best Picture.  She looked simply stunning and we love her new haircut.

Jane Fonda, forever best dressed.

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Keeping with the sustainable fashion moment, Jane Fonda wore this Elie Saab red gown that she wore six years ago at Cannes. And she carried her now trademarked red coat she’s been sporting to her Friday Global Warning protests. And we LOVE her new short haircut and the gray! Still sexy at 82.  

The 3T Stylists Pick their Favorites and Not So Favorites

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists
3T style contributors, Carol Davidson, Scarlett DeBease, Paul Julch and Marla Tomazin

Last night’s gowns were for the most part, simple and elegant, with lots of one shoulder looks, sparkling beading, and statement necklaces. And our 3T stylists picks for best looks show that there were many beautifully best dressed celebs, and we have varying selections but two exceptional standouts. So bravo to all those best dressed ladies.

However, when it came the the “pans” there was a lot more agreement.

The Favorites

Regina, Regina, Regina

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Regina King is tops (as she was last year too.)

Carol Davidson. Regina King – To say she was pretty in pink is an understatement!  She was sheer perfection from top to toe. With her sleek hair and flawless makeup, she was radiant. Her gown was impeccably tailored, honoring her body in every way. What’s more, her she sported the right amount of bling… tastefully accessorized with diamonds at the wrists so as not to compete with that beautiful, asymmetric neckline.  While she may not have taken home an Oscar, this look was a winner!

Paul Julch.  Regina King – is always a stunner. Her look was regal, combining a lovely blush shade with drama and sparkle. I always love an overskirt as a 50’s throwback, but she made it modern with an asymmetrical neckline.

Marla Tomazin. Regina was stunning in a pale blush Versace gown. The design of diagonal beading was flattering, and the matching sandals created tonal perfection. Her diamond bracelet and rings completed the look.

Scarlett Johannson

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Paul Julch. Scarlett Johansonn – metallic and sparkle was a big trend on the red carpet, but her sculpted gown wins best in show. In a silhouette that hugged her figure, she literally dripped with sparkle – and the illusion bodice gave a peek of the gown’s structure, keeping it modern and current.

Marla Tomazin. Scarlet looked Hollywood glamorous in her silvery strapless gown. I love the mix of glittery draped beading with the shine of the satin skirt and train. The elegant jewelry only enhanced the entire look. 

Other Favorites

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Carol Davidson. Brie Larson – The color of this LBD (little blush dress) was exquisite on Brie! She was the poster child for accessories done right. Her gown has lots of shine (hello 120,000 sequins and 110,000 glass beads), so she was on point to keep her hair, skin and jewelry more understated. (And let’s face it, when you’ve got legs like that, a high slit is really the only accessory you need!) I just love how the cape gave just a nod to her super-hero status.

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Paul Julch. Janelle Monae – had another stunning Oscar fashion moment. Head to toe crystals embellished a classic fit and flare silhouette – but the literal crowning moment was an unexpected hood, that made the look so very her.

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Paul Julch. Geena Davis – proved that great style endures. She was commanding in an allover black sequined ballgown with a deep plunging neckline. Stunning, dramatic and best in black!

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Paul Julch. Catriona Balfe – pale pink was also a big red carpet trend, and her sheer pink bubble top over a shaped black dress was a nice play of volume – just enough, but not too much. Playful, yet classic.

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Marla Tomazin. Mindy Kaling looked so fresh and vibrant in her one shoulder draped marigold gown. And that Chopard necklace was a true wow! Statement necklaces like this one were a big trend at the Oscars this year.

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Scarlett DeBease. Let’s give a well deserved shout out to red carpet host Tamron Hall. She was stunning in her gown that beautifully combined classic with modern details.

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Scarlett DeBease. Now here is a true fashion statement! And Natalie Portman is actually making a statement with this Dior cape embroidered with all of the female directors who weren’t nominated for Oscars. Bravo!

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Scarlett DeBease. I loved Rebel Wilson’s gold curve hugging dress. It proves in every way that you don’t have to thin and hungry to look fabulous.

The Misses Were Nearly Unamimous

Kristen Wiig – Four Thumbs Down

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Carol Davidson. Kristen Wiig – She had me from the waist up. She sported flawless hair and makeup. The dress was impeccably tailored and was a beautiful color for her! I even loved how the gloves gave a nod to old, Hollywood glamour. But from the waist down, the dress was a disappointment. What can I say…I prefer my lasagna noodles on my plate. What’s more, Without the ruffles, we would have been left with and be left with an exquisitely cut, Valentino gown that would have been a showstopper for all the right reasons.

Paul Julch. Kristen Wiig – I really don’t know what to say. She looked more like an animated character than the incredibly talented woman that she is. The skirt was a weird, sculptural, lasagna noodle moment.

Marla Tomazin. Bright red is a great color on Kristen Wiig, but the ruffles jutting out from the slim silhouette of her gown were distracting.

Scarlett DeBease. I love anything red, but not Kristen Wiig’s dress. Why take a classic design and turn it into a punchline? It’s being referred to as a lasagna dress, and it’s never good when your outfit resembles dinner. The side view isn’t flattering either, and frankly it almost never is.

Sandra Oh “NO”

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Carol Davidson. Sandra Oh – Oh, Sandra.  In concept I love the idea of big, dramatic sleeves and mixed media. However, this dress was a great example of “too much of a good thing.”  Not only did the sleeves overwhelm her petite frame, sadly they looked a little like a child’s floaties. As disappointing, the color underwhelmed her beautiful skin. What I wouldn’t have given to see her in a jewel tone, and in a more streamlined silhouette!

Paul Julch. Sandra Oh – her dress was painfully distracting. It’s one of those cases of looking at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and taking one thing off to ensure you don’t look overdone – she should have taken a few things off. The giant ruffle sleeves, the waist bow, the ruffles at the bottom – just too much!

Marla Tomazin. Oh, how I love Sandra Oh as an actress, but between the tulle ruffles on the oversized sleeves and the full skirt, Sandra disappeared in her champagne gown.

Saoirse Ronan

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Carol Davison. Saoirse Ronan – Such a talent. What’s more, I love that part of her ensemble was recycled from the gown she wore last week. (And what gal doesn’t love Gucci?)  However, my mind had a difficult time reconciling the disconnect between the top and bottom half of her dress. (The same holds true for Gal Gadot’s dress.)  The supersized peplum did not help matters, taking away from her pretty face, exquisite hair and makeup. 

Paul Julch. Saoirse Ronan – her look was just odd. An oddly placed oversize peplum combined with a clash of fabrics made it feel like a dress with a multiple personality disorder.

Scarlett DeBease. Why? No really, why would a stylist suggest this dress for Saoirse Ronan? Not only does it overpower her, it also looks like a Project Runway design gone very, very wrong.

Maya Rudolph

Oscar 2020 Fashions with the 3T Stylists

Carol Davidson. Maya Rudolph – Starting on an up note, her hair was incredibly chic, the color of the gown was divine, and those emerald earrings were nothing short of yum! But while a voluminous caftan can seem like a good idea, it does add visual weight – especially when rendered in a shine. I understand wanting a little more coverage, but there is such as a thing as too much coverage.  It’s never a good idea to be completely concealed in fabric…our eye wants a little relief.  How I wished this she wore something that had a slightly lower neckline or at least a 3/4 sleeve.  Maya, if you’re out there, please call me. I’d love to dress you for next year!

Paul Julch. Maya Rudolph – as much as I appreciate her humor, I don’t appreciate her red carpet style. The dress was more of a sequined pumpkin than a fashion statement. Too much fabric in a shape the covered her from neck to wrist to floor.

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  1. Ellen Easton says:

    Regina King best dressed – no contest. The rest is personal taste of classic clean lines verses trendy. I prefer classic.

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