New Eats: Lemonade and Mac Daddy

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Here are two new restaurants that are worth a visit.

Lemonade – A Veggie Centric Restaurant

New Eats: Lemonade and Mac Daddy

Lemonade is not only Beyoncé’s hit single or something sold for a quarter by young entrepreneurs, it is also a Los Angeles based fast casual restaurant chain. This veggie-centric restaurant (meat proteins available too!) is fresh, fresh, fresh and just opened in Yerba Buena. Served cafeteria style, but no green Jell-O here, hot and cold seasonal dishes abound with flavor and the bounty of the earth from our local farms. Yummy dishes include smoked salmon with watercress, spring asparagus with cherry tomatoes and tarragon salsa, and lima beans with strawberries, smoked gouda and red wine vinaigrette. Menu changes seasonally and the good news….6 more locations opening later this year.  781 Mission St.  Get details.

Mac Daddy – Gives New Meaning to Mac and Cheese

New Eats: Lemonade and Mac Daddy

You know those nights when you just crave comfort food? Remember the warmth and cheesy deliciousness of home made mac and cheese? Ok I know some of you preferred the blue box variety, but work with me here. Satisfy your now sophisticated palate at Mac Daddy in Potrero Hill with truffled mac and shitake mushroom, pesto mac, smoking mac (apple wood smoked bacon, garlic, smoked cheddar) and more. There are also delicious appetizers and entrees for those not craving the comfort of macaroni. AND, gluten free varieties are available as well. I’m on my way… 1453 18th St.  Check it out.

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