Miami Life: The High Life, Tattoos, Alex Katz, Prime 112

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After you have lived in a Miami high rise, it’s difficult to live high anywhere else. If you want to live the high life, check out these condos. It’s not just buildings on the rise in Miami, it’s also tattoos with more mature folks sporting them too. I just found out that a gallery in Ft. Lauderdale is having an Alex Katz exhibit, “In Good Company.” And happy birthday to Prime 112, one of Miami’s most successful restaurants. PS…there’s still time to reserve your spot for a Feng Shui Masterclass on zoom, January 17.


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The High Life

I hate to sound conceited, but I am. I lived in our NYC co-op for 40 years and loved it. It wasn’t a luxury building but it had large rooms, a parking garage in the building, a rooftop garden and a live-in superintendent. We had 2,000 square feet, three bedrooms, three bathrooms a big dining room on East 62nd Street. Who can ask for anything more?

You can! When you live in the tropics, rich or poor, owning or renting, you can live with killer views of water, sky, boats, surfers, pools, tennis courts, bathing beauties, and cabana clubs. When I lived in New York I looked at brick walls and into other people’s apartments. I knew what they had for dinner and what TV shows they watched.

Miami is so much different. If you live low, you are surrounded by the most gorgeous tropical plants and trees and stunning Art Deco buildings. If you are higher, you get to see magnificent sunsets, sunrises, the moon, the stars and life on the water. As a New Yorker, I forgot that there was such a thing as nature all the time.

Look, I completely understand the advantages of living in a big city. No one was more loyal to NYC than I was. Eliot and I lived the NYC high life for decades. We went to every theater, stage show, cabaret, restaurant, museum, lecture, night club, private party and street fairs known to mankind. That’s all wonderful when you are under 60, but after that, you may want to live an urban life surrounded by constant sun, sand, and stunning architecture.

Now here comes more conceit. When I look in Facebook at the apartments that my pals live in in the Big Apple, I get sad. Their apartments look old school and dark. Yes, I lived that way my whole life but now I’ve experienced something new. I want to share what apartment buildings look like in Miami.

You can have the smallest of small space, yet you will have big windows, a terrace, tons of sunlight, contemporary exteriors that will make you feel refreshed, full of hope, and fill you with energy you never thought you had. Look at the condos below. Forget the asking price. Many condo owners rent and there are always deals around. The rental only buildings are glamorous too. Most feature outdoor spaces, pools and indoor gyms.

Set your eyes on these condos and tell me you don’t deserve a sexy abode for yourself. Again, these could be exaggerated prices. I’m not a real estate agent but I can tell you there are always surprising deals and terms for everyone. Don’t forget about great rental opportunities too. Go look for yourself.

Tattoos On the Rise In Miami

Everyone knows that Miami is one of the most fashion forward cities in the world. You see things here that you don’t see anywhere else. One of the main reasons for that is because fashion conscious folks can show off their great figures and muscles in our warm weather year-round. No need for coverups here.

That’s why tattoos are so prevalent. You can see them all the time. Now comes bigger news. More and more mature folks are going to be sporting tattoos soon now that Ephemeral has arrived in Miami. Ephemeral offers the world’s first made-to-fade tattoo ink that looks just like the real thing but only lasts approximately 12 months.

The company explains “Unlike traditional tattoo ink made of larger particles, Ephemeral’s vegan, biodegradable polymers naturally break down over time, shrinking to tiny particles that your body’s immune system completely removes in about nine to 15 months.”

Launched in 2021, Ephemeral is already in Atlanta, Houston, NYC  (Brooklyn), Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Ephemeral claims there are 60 million adults in the US who’ve considered getting a tattoo.

Now that you don’t have to wear a tattoo forever, watch out.  Expect to see senior folks  sporting all kinds of designs on their skin.  I bet we will also see tattoo faces of their grandkids. It’s going to be the rage.

Ephemeral’s first location in Miami is Little River. They are now open for business. One drawback. They are only offering black ink. All colors are coming soon. In case you are wondering, Ephemeral tattoos are applied by an artist, with a needle, allowing for the same artistry and self-expression as regular tattoos.

This is the real thing. You read it here first.
Ephemeral Tattoo
(786) 770-5458

7924 NE 2nd Ave Suite 107, Miami, FL 33138

Alex Katz Arrives in Ft. Lauderdale 

I just found out that a gallery in Ft. Lauderdale is having an Alex Katz exhibit, January 20, 2023. The “In Good Company,” show will feature a selection of original paintings and drawings, fine art prints, and other artworks.

That is such great news considering that the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC is having an Alan Katz extravaganza from November 11, 2022 to February 20, 2023. Called “Alex Katz: Gathering,” the exhibition is showing a vast array of works by the  abstract expressionists who is still producing at the age of 95.

I live in Miami, so I don’t think I was going to get to see the exhibit anytime soon. Many of my friends, some of which have no interest in art, said the show is wonderful. That’s because the Brooklyn born figurative painter creates large-scale simplified images of his family and friends that are showstoppers. See for yourself. You can’t stop looking at each piece.

That’s what happened to Eliot and me at The Dallas Museum of Art in February of  exhibit at their famous local museum. We were startled by the pop-up portraits. We have never seen anything like that.

We took advantage of the opportunity by taking sneaky pictures of each other among the Alex Katz made crowd. I am sure you can find us. Eliot took one photo of me where you can only see my legs below a female cutout. We loved getting creative with this unusual installation.

We can’t wait to see what the New River Fine Art gallery will be showing. We are hoping for more daring developments.

Read more about Alex Katz here.

Happy Birthday Prime 112

One of the most successful restaurants in Miami just celebrated its 19th birthday. The much admired restaurateur, Myles Chefetz, owner and founder of Prime 112, just posted his good fortune on Facebook. The Three Tomatoes wants to personality congratulate Myles for his professionalism, graciousness and making sure all of his customers are given so much food for the money they spend. The on-the-house appetizers can fill you up so be careful to pace yourself before the entree.

There is a certain buzz about Prime 112 that always makes it a special night out. Delicious food is a given but the celebrity sightings are just as outrageous. Prime 112 is just one of those restaurants that every major personality visiting Miami wants to dine in. It’s like a celebrity club. Results guests include Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle UnionDwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the Kardashians,

Myles owns several very successful restaurants all within blocks of each other.

  • Big Pink – opened December 1996
  • Prime One Twelve – opened January 2004
  • Prime Italian – opened December 2008
  • Prime Hotel – opened January 2010
  • Prime Fish – opened February 2014
  • Prime Private – opened early 2019, 200-seat capacity


  • Nemo – January 1995
  • Shoji

Wikipedia’s synopsis of Miles Chefetz. “Born November 5, 1958. He is an American restaurateur and Chief Executive Officer of Myles Restaurant Group. He has been twice nominated for the James Beard Foundation “Outstanding Restaurateur” Award and is unofficially referred to as the “Sultan of South of Fifth.” He’s considered a visionary in the industry, and according to Ocean Drive Magazine, “His concepts have gone global, with his versions of mac and cheese, creamed spinach, tuna tartare, and other menu items popping up in steakhouses worldwide.” Prime 112, Chefetz’s chef-driven steakhouse, is consistently ranked in the top ten highest-grossing restaurants in the United States.”

Myles’ post on Facebook.


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