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Now here’s a cool idea…a $14 pizza slice that’s actually a full dinner! Another interesting idea is David Ross’ Blind Date Dinners. He invites strangers who do not identify who they are to talk about a wide range of topics. Eliot and I were fascinated at the one we attended.  Listen in to my latest Art Lovers Forum podcast and you’ll get a master class in collecting art. Erotika Biennale is coming to Miami and will feature a vibrant showcase of diverse erotic artists, galleries, venues, parties, dance, music, performances, and workshops. February will be a sexy month in Miami.

 First Miami Vice Now Miami Slice 

I love Miami for many reasons, the warm weather, the sunny skies, the nearby ocean, the long stretches of sand, and now the $14 slice of pizza. This is the coolest idea ever.  For $14 you can eat a super size slice of pizza that can fill you up when it’s dinner time. If you don’t feel that one slice is enough to do the trick, have two. That should be enough to make you sorry you ate too much. At least your tummy is full after a dinner that cost you $28. You can’t beat that and you have to admit the slice tasted better than many gourmet meals. Ok, full disclosure. I haven’t actually had a Miami Slice yet but I plan to make that happen this week. I am keenly interested to see this pizza party in action. No reservations needed, first come, first serve.

Make sure you watch the video. You get to see the full concept in action. Remember, Miami did it first. GET THE DETAILS.

David Ross’ Blind Date Dinners

David Ross of Coconut Grove is an adventurer. He hosts dinners for strangers so they can leave their comfort zone and get into table talk discussions about all kinds of diversified topics without identifying who they are. My husband and I attended one dinner where we spent the evening talking about childhood events, favorite books, pop culture and scientific inventions. It was fascinating.

It was difficult not to reveal your background and why you felt a certain way in order to justify your thoughts. Everyone was on an even plane. You listened to a person speak and you truly heard their words without the influence of their accomplishments. It was weird but a very satisfying experience because it took participants to a new unknown zone in their lives.

David doesn’t reveal too much so we don’t know how many dinners he conducted and who he invited to each. However, at the end of the year he invited everyone to one big happy hour reunion where we spent a few hours getting acquainted with folks from our dinner and all of the others. The party was another big treat because the event space was a private home with a secret garden that no one had ever seen before. It’s being turned into a future spa. Leave it to Dave to give us another unique experience.

The net net is that we now have many new friends who are inviting us to all kinds of different events that we never would have experienced before. It’s interesting to meet folks who want to share new interests with us and want us to do the same for them. This is not about what you do for a living or what you own. This is all about living in the moment and discovering new exhilarating experiences.

Master Class in Collecting Art 

I am including my Art Lovers Forum podcast interview with Jane Wesman in this week’s Miami Life of The Three Tomatoes because you will not find a better master class anywhere that will give you the ins and outs of collecting art. I was very fortunate to secure this interview. It’s less then an hour.

Jane is a friend of mine who lives with her husband  Donald Savelson in South Beach in the winter, and Manhattan and East Hampton in the warmer months.

Aside from her enthusiasm for art, Jane is an expert in public relations and marketing. She is the president of the NewYork-based PR agency that bears her name, Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc. a leader in book promotion

Jane has been successfully collecting art since the 1980s when New York’s East Village art world was in full swing.  Artists like Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, and many others were making waves and launching their careers. And Jane was part of the scene.  Today, Jane and her husband continue to be deeply engaged in the world of contemporary art.

They are supporters of many non-profit art organizations and avid collectors of work by new and emerging artists. They believe there is much more to art than its monetary value. Art is an immersive experience. As Jane says, “Art is about everything. It opens up new ways of thinking about the human condition and what is meaningful in life.”

In addition to underwriting a program at Simmons University for students seeking careers in arts management as well as helping to fund various museum exhibitions and the Miami-based artists residency Fountainhead Arts, Jane is passionate about introducing people to the world of collecting new and emerging artists.

She is a determined, career-focused woman who has served as president of the New York City chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and as program director of ArtTable. She is currently an active Board member of the Women’s Media Group, overseeing the organization’s programming. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Get Ready for The Sexiest Month Ever in Miami  

The Erotika Biennale debuts with experiences of erotic art and culture in Miami. The world of sex in art is becoming more mainstream every year. This trend in modern art has been taking place for a long time but many of us were not aware of how popular it has become. We all need to take a closer look at each painting and sculpture that comes into view. You will see that even the most reserved artists are incorporating sex scenes in their work to express their thoughts and opinions about a wide range of subjects.

My good friend, Gladys Garrote, an art curator, is slowly educating me about the celebration of love, sensuality, and diversity in art so that I can share it with you. She is one of the organizers of the Erotika Biennale in Miami.  The art fair will feature a vibrant showcase of diverse erotic artists, galleries, venues, parties, dance, music, performances, and workshops.

For just $60, attendees will gain access to an array of exclusive experiences, including: four sex ed events at the Wilzig Collection featuring renowned filmmakers, tantra coaches, Shibari experts, erotic edible art by chefs, artists and academic experts from the Kinsey Institute.

There will also be studio visits to five of Miami’s best erotic artists, offering a glimpse into their intimate and raw creative processes. Don’t miss the following: free entrance and one drink per night at Zey Zey, the official after-party venue of The Erotika Biennale,

$10 discount at the Conscious Cabaret, a celebration of empowerment and sensuality through erotic dance and a 10% discount on Gever Candles, turning wax into massage oil for a sensual experience.

Get all the details here. Wherever you go, ask for Gladys and tell her Lois sent you.


As Co-Founder and President of HWH PR, Lois Whitman-Hess has been actively involved in public relations for a vast array of business sectors including technology, Internet-based companies, entertainment, law, publishing, fashion, beauty and art. For the last eight years, Lois has authored a daily blog called “Digidame.” It mostly covers her personal journeys as well as tech innovations, art, travel, and entertainment. In addition, Lois co-hosts a weekly podcast called “Lying on the Beach” with TV personality Steve Greenberg who is a contributor on NBC’s Today Show. They interview luminaries who discuss their expertise and views on current events.

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