Miami Life: Ivana, Espanola Way, Boating, Polo Week

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Ivana Trump lived in our Miami condo building, the Murano at Portofino, for many years. I just don’t believe she accidentally fell down the stairs in her townhouse and instantly died. You are going to wonder why I never mentioned Espanola Way before, a street in the middle of South Beach that looks like you are in Europe.  Looking to rent a boat when you’re in Miami? I have just the place. Make plans now to attend Miami Polo week this fall.

My Take on Ivana Trump’s Death

Ivana Trump lived in our Miami condo building, the Murano at Portofino, for many years. She only spent the winter months with us. Her other home was the New York City townhouse.  It’s interesting to note that she lived in Miami, not Palm Beach. We would see her all the time in the lobby, walking her dog, at our beach club, and at condo meetings. She was friendly to all and was always smiling. The staff loved her because she stopped and chatted with them every chance she got. She called them by their first names. They were all very flattered.

I just don’t believe she accidentally fell down the stairs in her townhouse and instantly died. Something doesn’t add up. The Guardian just reported that on last Thursday afternoon, emergency responders investigating a call from Ivana Trump’s home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side found her unconscious.

No one ever says who made that call. Why was she alone? Most folks of her fame and fortune have staff that live in. I know she had a personal assistant in the past. Whenever I called her New York residence for business over the years, the same woman answered. Where is she now? Why would Ivana live alone in a large, multi-level, townhouse? I find that strange.

The newspapers quoted the police who said they found her dead at the scene and noted that there did “not appear to be any criminality.” Appear to be?  There should be a full investigation. I just feel that something else happened and someone close to her should keep digging for the truth.

Again, I don’t buy that Ivana died accidentally of blunt impact injuries to her torso. This sounds like jargon to me. What were the exact details that caused her to stop breathing? Someone is hiding something.
The New York City’s chief medical examiner announced that there would be no further comment on the death of Ms. Trump, 73. Why was a statement like this ever made so quickly?

The U.S. health officials consider falls to be the leading cause of injury-related death for people who are 65 years of age or older. About 64 out of 100,000 elderly people die as a result of accidental falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I want to know what the injury was that caused her to die.  Don’t talk to me in euphemisms. Give it to me straight. Otherwise, I will just keep publicly asking.

Espanola Way Has Been Renewed

In the 1920’s, the street was modeled after artistic and romantic Mediterranean villages in Paris and Spain.  It’s filled with very artistic looking Art Deco buildings. The street was developed by N.B.T. Roney (of Roney Palace) and William Whitman (the father of Stanley, the owner of Bal Harbour Shops). Pretty amazing.

The only thing I can think of as to why I haven’t written about this area before is that it got a little sketchy for a while. It became a tourist trap that looked like faded glory. Now it’s absolutely radiant for locals and tourists. The indoor restaurants, the sidewalk cafes, the galleries, the gift shops and the pop-up vendors can keep you entertained for hours.

Española Way is located north of 14th Street between Washington and Pennsylvania Avenues. The historic street is also often used as a backdrop for films and TV shows. Miami Vice was one of the first to really make it famous. Keep your eye out for camera crews.

Here are some of the restaurants that you should put in your bucket list.

Moshi Moshi

Oh! Mexico

Pane & Vino La Trattoria

Benh Mi

MoonLight Restaurant

Aubi & Ramsa

La Tiendita

Kobrick Coffee

Konos Gelato

A La Folie

El Carnival

Havana 1957

Hosteria Romana

Mercato della Pescheria

Mammamia Gelato Italiano


The Drexel


Club Nautico Miami

The minute friends and family find out they are going to visit Miami I get a call asking where they can go boating. It’s a good question because Miami has so many waterways, in addition to the Atlantic Ocean. There is so much to see and do, that you could spend every day of a vacation on a boat, and still not get to everything.

I always recommend using Club Nautico Miami because they have been around a long time, have a good reputation, most reliable, and have a wide variety of boats and prices to choose from. I also strongly recommend hiring a captain to drive you around. It’s worth the extra bucks. They know where they are going, they can give you all the stories about the places you are seeing and are generally very good company. I don’t want to boat around Miami without someone who knows what he/she is doing. This is a busy place.

Check out this link to see many options in boats. Whatever you pick, you are guaranteed a good time.

October 1 & 2. Miami Polo Week

I’m telling you about this event now so you can make plans to be in Miami this coming October. Remember the Polo scene in the movie “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts gets to be a part of the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Now here is your chance to get involved in the two-day Miami Polo Weekend which features Haute Living, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Gourmet Food, and Fine Art.

Each day offers fashion-runway shows, live music and performances, luxury cars, art installations, silent auctions, product demos, giveaways, signature food menus, and of course, the sport itself —lots of Polo and beautiful Horses. You can expect to connect and interact with the Polo Players, horses, trainers, take photos, play to win prizes in our Polo Challenges, dance to live music, eat, drink, enjoy, and be merry.

Your ticket also includes up to 4 complementary Mojitos by our Mixologists, don’t forget to cast your vote for the best Mojito! There are only 2,500 tickets available for each day, 2,000 general admission and 500 VIPs. Get the details.




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