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The Faena Hotel is considered one of the most glamorous spots in Miami. It’s also one of the most talked about because of the celebrity sightings. I can’t wait for Micro Center to finally open with its promise of 30,000 products and the best tech customer service around. Ready to have some fun? Join me at a Fluid Bear Workshop. If you are looking to send flowers as a special thank you or special occasion, I have the flower shop for you!

The Faena Hotel Is Total Miami Glamour  



Our two close friends, Steve Greenberg and Robert Armada, took us to Los Fuegos, the uber fashion trending restaurant in the Faena Hotel, last Sunday night to celebrate Eliot’s birthday.  It turned out to be a very festive evening. The decor is worth the visit alone.  Check out the hotel lobby, art gallery, night club, restaurant, banquet space, beachside area, and spa. Everything is highlighted in the exciting color of deep red. The restaurant doesn’t miss a best. Female guests are handed sensual red pashminas which they get good use of when the air conditioning gets progressively colder as the evening arches on. When all of the women are wearing the red pashminas, the entire restaurant just radiates. The ambiance just makes you feel so happy.

Eliot and I were lucky enough to visit the first Faena Hotel that was built when we were in Buenos Aires last April with our friends from Fountainhead Arts. We had an elaborate lunch there while we were surrounded by cutting-edge art and antiques. The hotel design is so elaborate that it just spells out SUCCESS.

Since the year 2000, Alan Faena, the founder, and his partner Len Blavatnik, a business leader with global interests in natural resources, have been transforming properties in both Buenos Aires and Miami Beach into some of the most valuable pieces of real estate in Latin America and the U.S.


Faena is the founder and President of Faena Group. He is a member of the Tate International Committee and the New Museum Leaders Council. He previously founded Via Vai in 1985, an Argentinian fashion label, and worked as a fashion designer.

Francis Mallmann, is the celebrity chef of Los Fuegos.  He is also an author, and restaurateur who specializes in Argentine cuisine, (and especially in Patagonian cuisine) with a focus on various Patagonian methods of barbecuing food.

He has been featured on numerous international television programs, as well as on the Netflix original series Chef’s Table.

The four of us made sure we had a ringside center table at Los Fuegos. We wanted to see all of the action and there was plenty of it.  Everyone who shows up is dressed to kill and wants to be seen. Every imaginable outlandish outfit is on display. It’s a compete fashion show and in every bodily size.  Miami is all about showing it all off.  Faena is ground zero for letting your imagination run wild. You are guaranteed to see new trends here before anywhere else. That must make fashion conscious Alan Faena very happy.

Miami Micro Center Coming 2024!

If Miami is supposed to be the next big tech boom city, then we better get a lot more retail related businesses to service the area. For the last two years the media has been talking about how many tech companies are leaving Silicon Valley for Miami. That may be the case, but I don’t see it reflected in retail support. I can’t wait for Micro Center to finally open. For months I have been reading advertisements claiming it will be open in early 2024. I hope so because tech workers need supplies and product expertise. Amazon is great for products, but tech people need lots of consultations with professional human beings.

Micro Center has been promising that it will have 30,000 items in stock “with the best customer service around.” Miami, don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Tech Heaven for yourself – opening 2024.”

The part of the ads I like best is, “Since 1979 our passionate team of experts stay up-to-date with the latest products and trends. Our knowledgeable associates take pride in delivering top-notch customer service to find the perfect solution for your needs.” I certainly hope that’s true. Too many young entrepreneurs, as well as seniors, need confident sales and service technicians to help them succeed in their endeavors. When any potential customer walks into B&H Photo Video – Electronics and Camera Store in New York City they know they are going to get the best advice available in the industry. Miami needs great backup like that as well.

Micro Center is expected to be located at 7795 W Flagler St. That’s a great spot to get started in this city.

Join Me: I want to pretend I’m Jeff Koons or Jackson Pollack 

Do you blame me? I have no artistic talent. I love art but I can only be a spectator. That’s why when I heard about the Fluid Bear Workshop my “limited“creative juices started flowing. I guess I can pour three colors of acrylic fluid paints to create my own masterpiece. I’ve included several YouTube videos that show you exactly what to do. A team of Fluid Bear Workshop practitioners are always on hand to make sure you are having a rewarding experience.

The fun part is that you get to choose your one-of-a-kind bear. First step! We have to give a $50 deposit which gives us the right to reserve a Seat in the workshop. There are several different projects to chose. Based on what we pick, we will be required to complete the rest of the payment before starting. Sounds fair to me. prices range from $108-$158.) per bear.

The dedicated team will set up your tool package, completed with gloves, bear statue/charm (add on), and all the paint you’ll need. They will help us choose the three acrylic fluid paints that match our requested design, ensuring that our creations turn out just the way we envision it. I really like the fact the team helpers will be present to provide instruction and supervise, ensuring that we have a fantastic and fulfilling workshop experience. We get to pick from a different variety of styles for the Bear Statues. They include some of the following: Fluid Bear, Sneaky Bear, Bunny, Kaws,Cookie Monster, as well as mini bear charms.

This is something very different. Let’s go and have fun together.  GET THE DETAILS.


Flowers That Are a Work of Art

I received the most magnificent flowers from friends of mine a few months ago. It was their way of saying thank you for staying with us in Miami for a few days. I’m still thinking about the flowers they sent because the bouquet was like a piece of art. I didn’t know that flowers could be arranged so extravagantly and artistically.

Every time I looked at the arrangement, I kept thinking that my friends really must have appreciated our weekend accommodations because the floral presentation was just so outstanding. The flowers spoke volumes of thank you’s to us and made us feel very special.

How often can you make another person feel super great. I tried doing that for others by sending them flowers too. On occasion I got to see the flowers I sent when I visited the recipient in person. I rarely liked what was sent. It certainly didn’t represent my best wishes or my appreciation. They were just average looking and certainly not eye catching.

I have been looking around for a superior flower shop in Miami but all I have been able to find are the same arrangements over and over. Then I came across Le Boutique Royal. I was mesmerized by their presentations. Their flowers scream “look at me. I’m beautiful.” While the cost of buying one of these magnificent art pieces is very pricey it certainly is worth it for the right person.  Visit



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