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Cindy Adams’ column this week in the New York Post trashing Florida, got me fired up to write her an open letter. She’s obviously never been to the sunset gatherings at South Pointe Park. Did you hear, the late Ivana Trump left her condo (in the same building I live in) to her children’s nanny? And Tennis fans are gearing up for the 2023 Miami Open which starts in March.

An Open Letter to Cindy Adams

No one should pick on a 92-year-old writer who has been dishing the dirt in the New York Post for decades. However, someone has to tell that rag of a newspaper to stop regurgitating the columns you wrote years ago. They make you look stale, irrelevant, and simply not funny.

The latest was an encore attempt to compare Florida to New York City. If you are going to try to do it at least check the facts. There are more young, vibrant and gorgeous-looking folks walking around practically half naked in Florida than old fuddy duddies using walkers. You must love her line “The average age of a Floridian is deceased.” You use it every time you write about the state that could have made your elderly life brighter, warmer and much more social.

Instead, you choose to live as a shut-in in what used to be a glamorous nine-room penthouse apartment with a 1,000-square-foot veranda on Park Avenue. Today it’s a faded tribute to the good old days. Your walls, filled with washed-out newspaper clippings, old photos that were taken with a Brownie camera and crumpled awards that you can barely read, are screaming “clean me, take this crap down already. The mold is making all of us sick. You are supposed to be moving your life forward, not looking back day after day at the memories which you think keep yourself warm during the dark, cold days of winter.”

I used to be like you, a very loyal New Yorker, until I made a trip to Boca Raton one February and saw the active life my friends were living while I was freezing in New York. I thought to myself “what’s wrong with this picture?” As soon as I could, my husband and I made the transition.

Florida has grown up. We have state-of-the-art theaters, museums, homes, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, airports, trains, on and on. It’s New York with good weather.

As I said the other day to you on Facebook, you can stay with us. “Instead of being a prisoner all winter long, you can sit outdoors with a glass of wine, looking at the sun, stars, the water. We will surround you with your fans and many friends who eat dinner at 8pm. I will even fix you up with some young studs if you are interested. Yes, 92-year-olds still have sex in Florida. Our private parts are not frozen from the cold.

Here’s the link to Cindy Adams column that got me all fired up.

Sunset Gatherings at South Pointe Park 

I’m not sure how this all got started but the crowds have been building up month after month, in the Lighthouse area of South Pointe Park to watch the sunset every Sunday night. The public art structure, called the Lighthouse, looks more like a sushi roll than a watch tower. Too bad you can’t eat it.

People of all ages start showing up around 5pm with their picnic baskets, blankets, folding chairs, bikes, balls, music, jump ropes or anything else they like to do outdoors. It’s a huge free for all and from what I have been told pretty peaceful. It’s a wonderful meetup.  You can see the area of the park where the crowds gather from my neighbor’s window. He shares the photos with residents in building because if you face the other way, you have no idea what’s going on. People bring their newborns or grandparents to join in on the festivities. There is always folks juggling bowling pins in the air or putting on some kind of gymnastic act.  Anyone who has a physical talent usually takes advantage of this time to show it (omit) off.

I just learned that a company called “Miami Sensual Bachata” presents “DANCING ON THE SUNSET,” in the park as well . They start at 7:30pm till late. They urge you to dance with them as well. You can find them near the Lighthouse in South Point Park, near Acro Yoga area. It’s free and everyone is welcomed. welcome. Check them out on social media!
@miamisensualbachata (ig and facebook)
More info 786.213.0975

 Ivana Want To Be Alone 

Someone needs to tell the nanny of the late Ivana Trump’s children that the Miami condo she just inherited is going to end up costing her money she may not have. Ivana’s condo has an assessment on it that could go as high as $125,000. How do I know?  I live in the same Miami condo building. We are going through major renovations on the envelope of the building (the outside) and the pool and garage. Each unit is responsible for a certain amount of money depending on its square footage.

Even though Ivana had one of the smallest apartments in the building, the assessment is still a hefty amount for a nanny. The condo will not allow the transfer of the unit to go from Ivana’s estate to the nanny until the money for the assessment is paid by the buyer, or the seller. Everything doesn’t have to be paid at once but I’m not sure that the Trump’s will want to cover any part of the bill.

This is going to get interesting.

I’m sure you are questioning why a rich woman like Ivana Trump would be living in one of the smallest apartments in the building?  It is simple. When she was in Miami, she basically wanted to be alone. No houseguests. No fanfare. No obligations. She had friends in the area and that was enough. Miami represented a simpler life for Ivana.

2023 Miami Open

It’s that time of year again. Tennis fans are gearing up for the 2023 Miami Open presented by Itaú, a financial company. Dates are March 19 to April 2, 2023 at the Hard Rock Stadium. I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to attend should be looking at the seating charts now to decide on where you want to sit.

Once the tickets become available, they will be sold at record speed. Miamians are big fans. You will be able to buy seats digitally one month before the tournament begins (February 2023). Hard Rock says if you purchase tickets online, you must reference your confirmation email if you have any questions.

There are 27 tennis courts at the Miami Open – 10 competition courts (including the Stadium Court and the Grandstand) and 17 practice courts.

This is your contact information. or (305) 943-OPEN if you have any questions.



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  1. Ellen Easton says:

    I found your open letter to Cindy Addams to be mean, low brow and disrespectful. Being nasty to Cindy was not the manner to share what you consider the pluses of Florida. A more gracious approach would have been more appropriate. Kindness matters!

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