Love in a Cup: Summertime Love

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by Miriam Novalle

In the prime of my life, I find myself between two worlds. By day my time is spent consumed by the busy world of my thriving tea business, the T Salon. By night my life transforms as I live as happily as a free teenager who’s discovered new love. Between the two, I thrive living life to the fullest with a cup of tea in one hand and my new beau on the other. Focusing on the finer things and not wasting a moment, I somehow find balance in what can be a chaotic lifestyle.

Twenty-five years ago when I founded the T Salon in New York City, I was determined to create a product I felt would change the world of tea and health. Since then, I’ve  been creating, collaborating, and blending some of the finest sustainable teas in the world.

With passion and inspiration driving creativity, the T Salon has since introduced over 300 organic and natural blends distributing nationwide both wholesale and retail. Each blend containing carefully selected natural and organic ingredients for individuality and uniqueness.

My passion to connect and help others is what drives me to invest my all in everything I do. With the success of the T Salon, I have become The Tea Lady known for my original health conscious blends unlike any other.

Love in a Cup

The story of Love in a Cup was born just some months ago when my life of work and no play turned a playful corner of affection and intimacy.

It began as a love journey, quickly found between two seekers compelled by joy and giggle. The journey would produce the essence of a giggle in life. And what is life without a giggle? The playfulness of the heart is a natural human tendency seeking desire and pleasure. We experience giggles here and there everyday as a reminder that we are humans with uncontrollable emotions. When we are able to fulfill all of these emotions, we succeed in utilizing the wonders of human emotion.

I would soon find my giggle. With my life revolving around tea, the simple introduction of a man would soon change the way I viewed things with visions of romance. The fresh element of love would create new fantasies shifting my perspectives and vision. The world I once saw now painted with feelings of love and newfound happiness as my relationship grew quickly with someone I already felt may be the one. My mind grew to places I was unaware of my entire life until now, and all with the help of a little affection and of course a cup of tea.

The power of love is a test of passion and desire in oneself bringing out only the best qualities in a person. An emotion as strong, rejuvenates the soul as we’ve all once experienced at some point in our lives. With this new perspective, I make sure to maintain balance between work and love. Hectic as it may be at times, I find solace and adventure in this latest chapter in my life I was never even expecting.

As I conclude with this story, maybe take a moment to reflect on the relationships you have in your life. We are all at different points in our lives. Sometimes all it takes is a little love, inspiration, and a cup of tea to write the next chapter in your journey through the unexpected.

Miriam Novalle founded T Salon 25 years ago. She believes that tea is a living, feeling art and she is dedicated to sharing this healing way of life with others around the world. T Salon is taking part in a cultural turnaround by being environmentally evolved, while encouraging other businesses to follow. As a perfumer and a painter, Miriam is passionate about aromas, delicious tastes, and being transported to imaginary worlds. For over twenty five years, the blending of these richly aromatic teas have been imbued that spirit and passion… a collaboration of the senses.



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Our guests cover the gamut from divorce mediation attorneys, to how to handle your single daughter.

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