Get Back in the Dating Saddle and Find Lasting Love

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By Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach

Get Back in the Dating Saddle and Find Lasting Love

For a woman in midlife, dating again can feel vulnerable, even scary. After my marriage of 26 years ended in divorce, I knew I still wanted to share my life with someone special. I was on my own for the first time and had no clue what dating was supposed to be like. I had no one to answer my questions about how to date again. I ended up dating badly! I later became a certified life coach and recognized that I was repeating certain dating behaviors and it was time to develop new strategies for finding my mate. I was on a mission to find my man! I developed successful strategies and they worked!  I met and married, Jack, the love of my life.

Did I need to get out of my comfort zone to find my love? Hell, yeah! I was willing to accept my discomfort to achieve my dream of finding my perfect partner.

I help women get out of their comfort zone. When they get clear on their intention, they are in a position to do what it takes to call in love. And they do!

This can work for you, too. Here are tips to break out of your comfort zone and have dating success.

  • Clear the clutter in your home and create space for the special man you are calling into your life. Get rid of photos or reminders of any ex’s. Bring in romantic artwork and create space, in your bedroom, for your new love.
  • Put thoughts of your ex to rest. It keeps you from being emotionally available to new love. Create a forgiveness and gratitude ceremony and close the door to your past relationship in order for the door to open for the wonderful man and relationship that you are calling in.
  • Dump the Frump! Go through your wardrobe and donate clothes that are tired or unflattering. Wear your existing clothes in new combinations. Bring in new energy and buy flattering clothes and accessories. They’ll help you feel confident, attractive and sexy. Get a new haircut that will make you look fabulous and feel desirable. Seek out the makeup counter at a department store and have a makeup artist give you a fresh look. Go out into the world looking great everyday and you’ll look and feel date ready!
  • Treat dating as a journey and take on an attitude of finding fun and joy in the process. Avoid obsessing whether the man you’ve just met is the one, be mindful of dating to date rather than dating to mate. Go out and have fun!
  • Let go of the myth that there are “no good men out there.” It’s simply not true. Go out on several dates with men that don’t fall into your notion of a typical look or personality type. Shift your perspective and cast a wider net. You’re likely to discover gems that you would have overlooked.
  • Strike up a conversation with a new man and sharpen your flirting skills, even if he turns out to be unavailable. Next time, you’ll feel more confident about approaching an attractive man.
  • Dating isn’t a skill you are born with. Be open to getting help. Your support network, i.e., friends, family, therapist and dating coach are here to help you make your dating journey successful!

Contact me, Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach, and get some direct help before you get out into the dating world. Spend a few hours with me (or more, if needed). I can help you work through any confusing or dispiriting aspects of dating. I can also help you to put your sensual, sexy self out there. The core idea behind coaching is that you have someone who is rooting for you and giving you inspiration, courage and ideas about how to proceed. I can be an extraordinary support and booster. Having me in your corner can make all the difference to your dating success. You’ll be resilient and stay the course until you find the right person and not get discouraged and opt out when you feel overwhelmed or doubtful.


Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach, is a certified life coach, speaker, radio talk show host and author. It’s her passion to teach midlife singles how to successfully navigate the dating world after a long term marriage or relationship has ended. Find out more about Ronnie Joy and her ‘Have Them at Hello’ and ‘Dating in the Wild.’

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    Fabulous tips – it can be lonely out there!

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