Looking Great on Video Remotes

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by Dor Lata, On Camera Image Consulting

The coronavirus has turned millions of office workers into remote employees overnight. Companies are sending workers home with laptops and prayer that business will be able to continue as usual. In the new world of telecommuting, I would like to share  a few practical tips on how to make the best on-camera image and work remotely from home.

1. Make your On-Camera Image presentable:

  • groom your hair and keep it off your face
  • makeup application

 Makeup for Ladies:

  • use foundation base to even up your complexion
  • use nice, vibrant lipstick to pop on camera- especially when you don’t have good light
  • use lip pencil as a base first before you apply lipstick (this will help to prolong a longer-lasting    application during  long meetings)
  • use under eye concealer
  • eye pencil and mascara
  • use cover up powder to reduce the shine
  • don’t forget to contour your face

Makeup for Men:

  • clean your face, facial hair grooming makes a big difference
  • you can also use simple kleenex tissues or cover-up powder to reduce the shine


1.Wear solid colors-avoid busy patterns, wear clean, professional clothing just like you would wear in the office.

2. Create your new workplace -your decorations and wall art should be work-appropriate and your surroundings clean.

3. Make sure your camera setting is eye level and your chair is position properly.

4. Have your soft light focus on your face -make sure your room is well lit-site lighting is the best.

5. Test your microphone/audio before your video. Test it by video conferencing your friend before the meeting.

6. When you are talking, look into the camera instead of looking at yourself talking on the computer screen. That would set your presence and engagement.

7. Think about your body language, facial expressions, and hands movement.

Hope my tips can help a lot of professionals who are working from home these days.

Stay safe and healthy,


“If you look great, you will feel and perform great. Your confidence will radiate!”

Dor Lata provides image consulting workshops and seminars worldwide. She is president and founder of On Camera Image Consulting, a personal and corporate image consulting firm that helps individuals project a compelling and authentic image on television and various live settings from the boardroom to a new business meeting. Her clients include corporate leaders, business owners, early career professionals, broadcasters, and celebrities.

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