Lauren Blakely On BIG ROCK and Her Other Sexy Books

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Scorching, hot love scenes. Sexy, dirty talking alpha men who know how to take a woman to a place she has never been. Characters that are completely intoxicated and consumed with each other. And a healthy dash of sass and humor. Those are just some of the things that readers love about New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely’s sexy contemporary romances.

Blakely decided to toss her hat into the self-publishing ring in 2012 and made a big splash with her Caught Up In Love series.  She has become well-known for her deeply emotional new adult stories and her sexy, heartfelt, and humorous contemporary romances.  For this mother of two, who has been happily married for 18 years to her own romantic hero, there is one common theme that runs through all her books: Very. Hot. Sex.

Blakely is known for numerous panty-melting series, including The Seductive Nights series and Sinful Nights series. She started this New Year with a change of pace: A standalone romantic comedy novel written from the male point of view.  Her new book, Big Rock, was released January 6, as a “Sexy Standalone Contemporary Romance.”

Lauren Blakely On BIG ROCK and Her Other Sexy BooksIn Big Rock, the hero/narrator Spencer Holiday greets us this way:  “It’s not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It’s definitely the SIZE of the boat too.  And I’ve got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big ….”

We chatted with Lauren Blakely about her work as a prolific indie author and her newest hot, sexy, and cocky fictional man. 

Lauren Blakely On BIG ROCK and Her Other Sexy BooksReaders are hungrily devouring your latest book, Big Rock.  And they are laughing out loud …and raving about Spencer. Why do you think are they falling in love with him? 

Great question! I’m so thrilled with the response to Spencer and Big Rock! What readers tell me they like is that, yes, he is cocky, and yes he likes the company of women, but ultimately he is a good guy, who respects women, treats them well and loves his family. So I think it’s that combination of “stud” and “gentleman” I hope! 

Spencer does mention his penis in the start of the book; can we assume that the title Big Rock has something to do with Spencer’s appendage?

Ha! Well…maybe. The title can be taken a few ways…it’s definitely a play on a well-endowed body part, but the story is a fake engagement one, so he does actually give Charlotte a big rock on her finger! 

What was it like to write from the male character’s POV and live in his head/bed for a while?

SO MUCH FUN! It was great, truly great. Very freeing in a way! I felt a bit unleashed and I could approach humor and romance and lust from a different POV. It was fantastic! 

Did your inspiration from Spencer come from anyone you know? Or anyone we know?

I think Spencer has a little bit of my favorite romantic comedy moments in him. I hope at least! So I’d have to say my greatest inspiration for him is the cover model, as well as the great rom-com films I’ve see over the years. That’s what I tried to put into him! 

You have written many series, including  your super-hot Seductive Nights series, which features the intoxicating and commanding Clay Nichols … sexy sex toy mogul  Jack Sullivan …  and hot hotel CEO Nate Harper. Can you share the reading order?

The first four books in the Seductive Nights series follow the love story of Clay and Julia and should be read in order. They are First Night, Night After Night, After This Night, and One More NightNights with Him, which happens after the events in One More Night, and then, Forbidden nights, both follow a new couple and can be read as standalones.  

The Sinful Nights series is your most recent series. Can you share the order? 

Each book in Sinful Nights follows a new couple, but there is an overarching mystery storyline so for maximum enjoyment the order is: Sweet Sinful Nights, Sinful Desire, Sinful Longing and Sinful Love! 

I have seen the phrase “bring extra panties” associated with your books. So, what are the benefits for the writer who is penning panty-melting books? Does it pep up your own love life?

Ha! When I’m not up at 1 am writing, sure! If hubby is around, we all benefit! 

You were originally known as an author of New Adult. What inspired you to try contemporary erotic romance and how do the two compare in terms of writing and research time–and capturing your imagination?

My first series, Caught Up In Love, has some new adult elements, but leans more to sexy contemporary romance. I decided to try erotic contemporary romance, quite simply, because that’s what Clay demanded! When I wrote the prequel novella First Night that precedes Night After Night, Clay and Julia made their wishes very clear from the first page. They wanted hot, dirty, intense sexy times. They set the tone for the series and I followed them! In terms of time and research, I’m fairly fast in general, so regardless of the romance sub-genre, I can write a novel in about two months. In most cases.

Your No Regrets Trilogy has also been a hugely popular series. What have readers told you they love most about the characters and stories?  For new readers, please share the order of the books.

Readers seem to like the intensity of feelings between Harley and Trey. They respond to the brokenness of their backgrounds, but the all-consuming love they are able to experience even while growing up without it. The No Regrets series is comprised of The Thrill of It, The Start of Us and Every Second With You and should be read in that order.

The Caught Up In Love series introduced your first books in early 2013, and by the time Trophy Husband  (Book 3) came out there was a great deal of buzz. What inspired you to write the series?

I turned to self-publishing for the same reason many writers do–traditional publishing wasn’t working out for me. I’d had 3 novels published in the YA genre by New York houses, and none of them took off. The time between releases was too long, and the marketing was frustrating. When a YA novel of mine was not picked up by publishers in fall 2012, I decided it was time to switch gears – turn to romance and self-publishing. Caught Up In Us was born from love of romance and necessity!

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Did you have a different career before becoming a novelist? Do you work at it full time now?

I’ve been a writer for 20 years, primarily as a journalist covering media, advertising and TV, and also as a ghostwriter for tech companies. I still do a little bit of reporting for a few trade outlets because I enjoy it! But mostly, I write romance novels.

What makes you fall in love with a character when you are writing?

Great question! Usually, it’s his or her sense of humor and heart.

Where does the magic happen? Do you write in a home office or on the road, or both?

Most of the magic happens standing! I do a lot of writing from a standing desk and sometimes from a bike desk! When I’m not at either, I’m usually on the couch with my Chihuahua next to me.

And the question we ask all authors: Why do you think erotic romances are good for readers?

I’ve received PLENTY of emails, messages, and posts from readers about how a sexy scene in a book led to more sexy times with their partners. More pleasure, more passion, more love is a very good thing to be able to deliver for people.

For more information, visit Lauren Blakely’s Website.


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