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wicked white, sexy vixens, ac rose, the three tomatoersMichelle A. Valentine was working as a nurse when she first read Twilight. It ignited a passion for reading that led her to consume 180 books that same year. Soon, she got the taste for penning her own novels. Although once a nurse, always a nurse, she exchanged her white stockings and stethoscope to write what she calls, “sexy fiction for naughty vixens.”

She first won readers over with her independently published Black Falcon series about sexy rockers on the road and the ladies who love them and has two other series featuring cocky alpha heroes. This summer she celebrated her first foray into traditional publishing with the release of Wicked White. Her fans are thrilled to know she is back on the rocker beat with the start of this new series.

sexy vixens, ac rose, the three tomatores

Michelle A. Valentine

We spoke with Michelle about her career and her newest music man, Ace White.

You are a nurse and worked full time in the nursing profession for many years, what inspired you to try your hand as an author?

Honestly, it was after reading 180 books in one year and then wanting to find a very specific kind of story that didn’t exist. When I asked the librarian at my local library if they had a story like the one I wanted to read (I described the plot to her) her answer was, “No, but I would want to read that so you should write it.” I walked out of there thinking “Maybe I will.” LOL

As one of the first new authors out there in the post-Fifty Shades boom indie publishing, you were also one of the first  to organize a huge book signing event (with Kristin Proby) to bring favorite authors into one place via the Naughty Mafia. These signing now happen all the time. What did you discover about how fans relate to authors of their favorite books?

Indie readers are insatiable. They are by far the reason the indie community has done so well. Readers not only love books, but they love getting to know the authors who write their favorite books. In many ways, what we write is an extension of us, so people almost feel that they know us by reading our work. Signings are just a way to build on that relationship with the readers and there are big demands for them.

And how wild do things get when steamy authors and excited fans meet up?

Hahahaha. It definitely makes a fun girls weekend.

You began your career writing paranormal and switched to rockers with the now-famous Black Falcon series. You’ve also given us the super-hot PHENOMENAL X and the steamy NAUGHTY KING. What do you think calls you to certain stories and certain character?

I’m really not sure, honestly. My mind is kind of all over the place and I get inspired by so many things. I still love paranormal stories, and write them (just none published yet), but there’s just something about writing contemporary romance that’s hooked me right now. Writing cocky men has become my sweet spot.

And where do you draw inspiration? From real life?

Music is a huge inspiration for me.

So excited about your new book, Wicked White. It looks like you are back on the Rocker beat!  Tell us a little about the book.

I am super excited for Wicked White’s release! This story is so different from my other rock series. My hero in this story loathes his fame, whereas the guys in Black Falcon reveled in it. It was so refreshing to put a new spin on rocker romance.

Is this your first traditionally published book?

Yep. It’s my very first go at traditional publishing.

So what makes your new hero, Ace White, so irresistible to love interest Iris Easton?  And to readers?

Ace White is a very mysterious man with a very deep soul. This guy has so many layers to him. I think readers will enjoy peeling them back and discovering exactly who he is.

It’s no secret that you were a big Twilight fan. How did it change your life? Does it still inspire you?

Twilight was the first book I ever felt so compelled by the story that I immediately read it again. I missed Edward and Bella as soon as the book was over. It was such an amazing feeling and only made my huger for a great romance grow even more. I read the series before the movie came out, and that was the only book I ever stood in line for the hardback releases at midnight.

What kinds of books do you read when you are not writing? Your favorite genre?

I still read YA, mostly paranormal and Sci-Fi.

Readers certainly fall in love with your fictional men. What makes you fall in love with a character when you are writing?

I love when a man is head-over-heels for his girl. It’s sexy and when I get some good dialog going between the hero and heroine, it makes me fall hard for the leading man in the story.

We know you have a son. After your years writing sexy fictional men, and trying to turn them into the men women want them to be, what lessons on love would you want to impart to your son?

Being a gentleman above all else. I think his dad does a pretty good job of leading by example on that one.

What books are next on the horizon?

Right now I’m working on the second book in the Hard Knocks Series, Xavier Cold (the follow-up to Phenomenal X), and Feisty Princess, the continuation of my naughty serial. The second book in the Wicked White series will also release in December of this year, and I can’t wait until I can talk about that one a little more when I’m allowed.

And the question we ask all authors: Why do you think erotic romances are good for readers?

I believe the steamy romance novel craze has helped women in expressing their own sexual desires to their partners in a healthy way. Reading these novels give them a sense of empowerment over their own physical needs and allow them to know they aren’t alone—that it’s okay to want a fulfilling sexual relationship. I can’t tell you how many times readers have told me that their husbands thank me. It’s nice to know that not only have my stories entertained them, but have improved their quality of life as well.

For more information, visit Michelle A. Valentine’s web site.

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