LA LIFE: LA Zoo, Butterflies, Stinky Plant & Succulents, Historic Tours

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LA LIFE: LA Zoo, Butterflies, Stinky Plant & Succulents, Historic Tours

Oh, my Heavens, Tomatoes, can you believe it is September?! The Huntington 2020 Corpse Flower, aka “Stinky Plant”, will bloom in the next few days and you can watch online.  The Los Angeles Zoo is officially open for some Zoo Love. The Natural History Museum welcomes the public back to their outdoor “Butterfly Pavilion and Nature Gardens.” Take a few minutes to read NHM’s wonderful story about the incredible “Charlotta Bass.” The LA Conservancy’s “History Downtown in Person and Virtual Tours” are up and running. And listen in to this week’s podcast—Tiaras and Feminism. Lots to enjoy and inspire you this week.

Los Angeles Zoo is Open

LA LIFE: LA Zoo, Butterflies, Stinky Plant & Succulents, Historic Tours

Though access to exhibits and the Zoo experience are limited and modified to keep everyone safe, it is still fantastic to have our LA Zoo open again after 166 days for visitors.  I’m sure all you Tomatoes have missed visiting the LA Zoo like I have.  So, let’s just count our blessings that the zoo has opened again in whatever way is safe. Woo Hoo for the Zoo!

I hear it is just as beautiful as always, very clean and well organized. “We are so glad to have reached this day. It’s such a milestone,” said zoo CEO and Director Denise M. Verret. “We think that offering an outdoor safe environment, where people can connect with nature and the animals, we all know, and love is something that will help us as we are all living a new normal. It’s pretty unprecedented.”

Make note, Tomatoes, that all guests are required to make timed reservations at this time. And the entrance fees will certainly aid in supporting the Zoo. 

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Grab your tiara and join us for this week’s podcast, a fun, enlightening and a delightful conversation that will change your opinion of the 100-year-old tradition of Miss America. Kim Selby, our SF Editor chats with Hilary Levey Friedman about her new book, “Here She Is: The complicated reign of the beauty pageant in America.” Hilary is a professor at Brown University and daughter of a former Miss America. Her book is the perfect combination of the history or “herstory” of feminism interwoven into how pageants actually empower the feminist tradition. LISTEN IN.

Opening Sept 11- Oct 4.  NHM’s Butterfly Pavilion

After months of COVID-19 closure, The Natural History Museum is ready to welcome Tomatoes back to their Butterfly Pavilion and Nature Gardens as the first phase of reopening. What great news for Tomato butterfly and nature lovers!

Time for getting intimate with these precious creatures, Ladies! There’s so much to enjoy and inspire you at The Butterfly Pavilion, so don’t hesitate.  The Pavilion and the Nature Gardens are open in a limited way now for Members. But for the public, the reopening is set for Sept 11.  You only have till Oct 4th to visit, so, make your reservations quickly.  And remember, NHM’s priority is for the safety of their staff, guests, and community so — please review the latest safety guidelines, Tomatoes.  

Paying Tribute to Charlotta Bass

The Natural History Museum has posted about the amazing life of Charlotta Bass to pay tribute to her accomplishments. Hers was a life of pioneering and firsts —the first African American woman to own a newspaper, and the first to be nominated for Vice President. Yep, Tomatoes, Kamala Harris wasn’t the first to be nominated for VP. Charlotta Bass rocked!

In her acceptance speech at the Progressive party’s convention in Chicago, Bass spoke, about her rise to the political stratosphere. “I stand before you with great pride. This is a historic moment in American political life. Historic for myself, for my people, for all women. For the first time in the history of this nation a political party has chosen a Negro woman for the second highest office in the land. It is a great honor to be chosen as a pioneer. And a great responsibility.” Wow! Oh, Wow! Tomatoes, you gotta meet Charlotta.

Stinky Plant & Succulent Plant Symposium

You might not be able to experience the stunningly foul smelling and beautiful Stinky Plant bloom in person this year, but you can keep an eye on it with the Huntington’s live Webcam.  It’s a fitting image for 2020, because the aptly named Corpse Flower stinks to high heaven and so does the year 2020.  What doesn’t stink, Tomatoes, is the 37th Huntington Succulent Plants Virtual Symposium on September 11.  

The Titan Arum (aka Corpse Flower or Stinky Plant) is considered the world’s largest flower and one of the wonders of the botanical world.  The blooming releases a powerhouse of chemicals that smell like rotting meat or vegetables but has one heck of a gorgeous bloom that will last only 1 or 2 days.  Check the Huntington’s webcam and Facebook page daily to see the progress, Tomatoes.

Also, Huntington is offering a Zoom Webinar, in lieu of the regular format, for the 37th Annual Succulent Plants Symposium. The program consists of four brief presentations by Gardens staff. I have been to the Huntington’s Succulent and Desert Plants Collection in their Gardens more than once and it is breathtaking to say the least.  Here’s a chance to learn more about it and this species of plants, Tomatoes. Enjoy

Historic Tours Starting Sept 5th and Sept 9th

Depending on your comfort level, Tomatoes may now register for a Live Virtual Tour or an In-Person Household Tour of Historic Downtown Los Angeles! The LA Conservancy’s trained docents are excited to take you on an in-person or virtual tour of L.A.’s most beloved landmarks. They are the best at it, Tomatoes!

The tours include the Los Angeles Central Library, Angels Flight, the Million Dollar Theatre, and the Bradbury Building. You’ll discover—or rediscover—downtown L.A.’s unique character as you visit the areas surrounding Pershing Square. Now’s a good time to experience it all again.  The LA Conservancy excels at exploring LA’s history from the 18th century to present day. Due to safety concerns related to COVID-19, they have limited in-person events and have expanded their virtual events. Yeah!


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