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Editor’s Note: The Three Tomatoes family lost a dear friend recently, Judith Bilek Drake. Debbie Zipp pays tribute to her today.

Happy Father’s Day to the dads in your lives, Tomatoes! Fab Cars at “Concours d”Elegance.” The Pasadena Chalk Festival ain’t just about chalk. I’m tickled pink to bring you the latest “LA Style Stories” and “Sonnets from Suburbia.”  “Ice Cream” is on my mind. There’s “Music in the Gardens”. Super exhibits happening at the Central Library and NHM. Special theatre coming from “Shakespeare by the Sea” and “Theatricum Botanicum.” This Tomato will be rockin’ her upcoming 70th b-day so a summer break is in order! I’ll be baaaack July 15th. See ya all then, Tomatoes.


Judith Bilek Drake

A dear friend to The Three Tomatoes and to myself for so many years has passed away. Judith Drake was not only a dear friend but a partner in crime. Judith was a big part of the “Tomatoes in the Trenches” Blog Talk Show for 4 years before I became the LA Life Three Tomatoes editor. I hope you will read the “Tribute to Judith” because she was a beautiful human being and I hope also you will consider donating to the Los Angeles charity, C.A.R.E.(Cat & Canine Assistance, Referral and Education) she cared so much about.

June 19. The Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance

The return of “Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance” to Beverly Hills just might delight the car loving Tomatoes. Fifty of the world’s finest, fastest, and most unique automobiles will be showcased before joining many more vehicles displayed on Rodeo Drive. Very Cool!

Entry is free and don’t forget to enjoy some of the amazing restaurants and boutiques all within walking distance!

June 18 & 19. Pasadena Chalk Festival

The Pasadena Chalk Festival” returns live and in-person after 3 years to The Paseo for a two day-long event of art and music featuring approximately 200 murals with over 500 incredible artists. Watch them turn the pavement into breathtaking artistic masterpieces.  A rare experience to be sure.

It won’t cost you a dime to attend and it is pet friendly. In 2010 The Pasadena Chalk Festival was officially named the largest street painting festival by the Guinness World Record, using over 25,000 sticks of chalk. Can’t wrap my head around that tidbit. That’s a lot of chalk, Tomatoes.


LA Style Stories

Our wonderful LA Stylist, Felicia Arlin, is thrilled to be 40 again and she’s wearing a playful and quirky look, that I adore, in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Of course, we do. Another valuable example of multifunctionality awaits you in “Is it a Dress, a Blouse or a Jacket?”. Hmmm… Maybe it’s all three. Check out these inspiring stories, Tomatoes.

Sonnets from Suburbia

Lady Penelope insights this week might ignite thought and reflection… as she so eloquently laments fading passions with her sonnet “Couples”.

The Best Ice Cream

In Los Angeles that is. Yum! I refer you to The Infatuation LA Guide to the “Best Ice Cream in Los Angeles” . When it comes to recommendations for food and restaurants, they guide Angelenos so well.  And ice cream tastes so good and is so refreshing on hot summer days…though I could eat it every single day of the week, Tomatoes. Especially chocolate!  Tee Hee!

Till November 6. Something in Common Exhibit

I believe we have more in common than not and the major exhibit “Something in Common” at the LA Central Library demonstrates that beautifully. It is an examination and celebration of the ideas, interests and beliefs that bring us together and what we can create or accomplish collectively that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Boy oh boy do we need that ASAP!

“Something in Common” highlights the importance of finding common ground and points of connection and recognizes the role of the public library as a critical gathering place, not only serving communities, but also creating community. The major exhibition is presented at the Central Library along with a city-wide program series at various library branches.

LA Underwater Exhibit

Geez, did you know that Los Angeles was underwater for over 90 million years. Wow! “LA Underwater: The Prehistoric Sea Beneath Us” explores the underwater realm of ancient Los Angeles when much of the L.A. area was submerged beneath the waves of the prehistoric Pacific Ocean. Tomatoes can experience life-sized prehistoric animals like a shark bigger than a city bus and extinct squid-like creatures. I’ll say it again…Wow!

June 22-24. Music and Art in the Gardens

There will be “Music in the Gardens” from a variety of performers f amongst the flora and fauna of Descanso Gardens and it will be glorious. Tomatoes can also experience art in the garden like never seen or felt before with “Unnatural Garden.”

 Installations at the Sturt Haaga Gallery, Boddy House, and throughout the landscape will intrigue visitors’ senses and invite participation. Time for another visit to Descanso, Gals.

Theatre Experiences

In the world premiere, June 25-Oct 1, of Ernest Thompson’s newly revised, heart-filled dramedy, “Westside Waltz,” set during the tumultuous ’80s, Theatricum artistic director Ellen Geer; her sister, Melora Marshall; and daughter Willow Geer take on the lead roles. Love it when it’s all about women! And the 25th season of “Shakespeare by the Sea” begins June 23 at Point Fermin Park…in San Pedro with Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet.

It is totally free, gals.  Of course, donations are much appreciated so they can continue their marvelous mission of bringing Shakespeare to the public, Tomatoes.



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