LA Style Story: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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If 60 is the new 40 then Happy Birthday, to me! I’m thrilled to be 40, again. I’m meeting my girlfriends for lunch and put together a playful quirky look that just so happens to match the photo wall at the restaurant. I’m wearing a white tunic/dress, H&M, over my punchy fuchsia tulle skirt, Shein. Because the dress hangs over about 3/4 of the skirt, it gives the illusion of a longer body. Both the dress and skirt have quite a bit of fullness, so I synched the back of the dress with a matching pin-on flower, Channel. My white bucket hat, Kangol, keeps my colour story going, adds to the whimsy, and my lug boots, Gisele, balances the top and bottom half of my body. My sunglasses, Ray-Ban, I never leave my home, without. Outfit mission…Accomplished!

Style-Tip: be the “Houdini” of your wardrobe with multi-functional items.

*please treat your wardrobe well. many people worked very hard to get it to you.

LA Style Story: Is it a Dress, a Blouse or a Jacket?

It is all the above. My silk wrap dress, Zara is the ultimate, multi-functional item. I’m using it as a layering piece over a pair of flowy, bone colour, high waisted, wide leg trousers, Zara. Both the dress and the trousers have a lot of movement, making them, a perfect couple. A pair of shiny leggings would also look great. I’ve tied the wrap in the center and a little high than the top of my trousers to give my body some shape and to create a straight and leaner line.

I’ve chosen to expose my bra, Victoria’s Secret, but you can always wear a thin tank under in the same colour as your bottoms. My bone colour patent leather platform sandals, Steve Madden, match my pants and give me the height I need to pull this look off. The clunkiness of the sandal also controls some of the flowiness of my pants. My woven leather/patent leather handbag, Gansen, and my, Ray-Bans, complete my elevated stylish look.

Style-Tip: find new and creative ways to, re-use, items in your wardrobe. You’ll feel like you bought something new!

*please treat your wardrobe well. many people worked very hard to get it to you.


  • Felicia Arlin

    Felicia Arlin’s work as a stylist and costume designer has been featured in print, tv, film and on the red carpet. As a 20+ year veteran designer/merchandiser in the LA/NY garment industry her work has graced the racks of every major department store and specialty chain in the country. She is passionate about helping women look and feel confident no matter their age, shape or socioeconomic status. Her hope is to empower other women by sharing some of the things she’s learned along the way to better cultivate and express their own individual and ageless style.

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  1. Gisele says:

    Love The fashion area it’s great. It gives you a great ideas all the different ways you can wear items.

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