LA LIFE: Binge Worthy TV, Gift Food, Sing A Long and Holiday Experiences

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LA LIFE: Binge Worthy TV, Gift Food, Sing A Long and Holiday Experiences

I want to wish all of you every happiness this holiday season, Tomatoes.  I will see you in 2021 which I hope will be a much happier and kinder year for each and every one of you.  As I give thanks for my blessings, I am reminded how desperately others are in need of the simplest basics like food, but you can help. Check out my TV Addicts Opinion for binge worthy watching.  Holiday Road in Calabasas is a sparkling holiday experience.  Carol Singing and entertainment can be found through Theatricum Botanicum’s Zoom event. And listen in to this week’s podcast about life, love, and real estate.

TV Addicts Opinion

LA LIFE: Binge Worthy TV, Gift Food, Sing A Long and Holiday Experiences

In this installation of the TV Addicts Opinion, Moi, I humbly recommend The Queens Gambit, Caliphate, Patria, The Life Ahead and The Vahalla Murders that I feel subjectively are a cut above many of the TV series and films available to stream.  And, of course, they all star women.So, if any of these suggestions appeal then Binge Away through the holidays Tomatoes. Get the details.

The Gift of Food

LA LIFE: Binge Worthy TV, Gift Food, Sing A Long and Holiday Experiences

The gift of food not only feeds the stomach, but it feeds the soul with hope. During a crisis like the Coronavirus Pandemic which has continued to rage along with catastrophic unemployment, donations to our LA Regional Food Banks are needed now more than ever here in Los Angeles.   So, if you have even the tiniest bit of room in your budget, please consider helping to feed those in need, Tomatoes.

Tomatoes can also click on our “Giving Back LA Style” Resource Guide which lists local LA charities that might need an extra helping hand because they are smaller and without the same capabilities as more high profile nonprofit organizations. You might be able to find a local small nonprofit that will cater favorably to your giving preferences.  And if you know of a local nonprofit that is in need of extra attention, I’m always looking for new charities than I can highlight in my newsletter. Just email us with your suggestion and I’ll do my best to look into giving it a mention. 

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Listen in here.

December 20th Carol Sing A Long

LA LIFE: Binge Worthy TV, Gift Food, Sing A Long and Holiday Experiences
A wonderful group of Theatricum Botanicum Company members will join together on Zoom to sing holiday favorites from their homes for “The Theatricum Carol Sing-Along”.  After the caroling, you can stick around for a rare screening of an interview from their archives with Theatricum’s founder Will Geer. I’m sure Tomatoes will remember this incredible actor from The Walton’s series.
In 1977, Emmy award winning television broadcaster and historian Keith Berwick embarked on an interview unlike any other. In a three-part conversation he speaks with Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas and actor Will Geer about the historical origins of Christmas, the state of humanity, and the fate of the world moving forward. How cool! It is an opportunity to also have a glimpse into Geer’s delightful and thought-provoking essence and be reminded of his extraordinary talent. The event is free, but it is also a part of their Holiday fundraising so when you book your reservations consider making a complimentary donation to help Theatricum Botanicum continue their mission to help elevate, educate and entertain through their amazing theatre.    

Fun Holiday Outdoor Experiences

LA LIFE: Binge Worthy TV, Gift Food, Sing A Long and Holiday Experiences

There are several festive holiday outings all around town you can enjoy this season, Tomatoes.  “Holiday Road Drive-Thru” until Jan 10

in Calabasas, “Dodgers Holiday Festival Drive Thru” at Dodger Stadium until December 24 and the “Winter Wonderland Magical Forest” at the Beverly Center through December 31.  All safe and each offering a little something different, so you have holly jolly holidays, Tomatoes.

Pack up the car for a magical trip down Holiday Road with its larger-than-life holiday installations and more lights than you can count for this drive-thru event.

Our Dodger World Champions are hosting their Drive Thru Holiday Festival with light shows, video and interactive displays, snow and lots of holiday cheer. And you can wander through an outdoor magical forest with favorite winter friends for the Winter Wonderland Magical Forest.  All to make your world a little bit brighter this winter season, Tomatoes.

Another Interesting Year

Get the book.


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