Integrity…an excerpt from “With No Regrets”

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Editors’ Note: This is an excerpt from Jane Goldman’s book, “With No Regrets….Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It,” published by The Three Tomatoes. All rights reserved. Book and images copyright 2019 Jane Goldman.

Integrity excerpt from "With No Regrets"

I want a man with integrity. He wants a woman who is fifty. I lied about my age. If he can’t trust me, can I trust him?

What is truth? Children are always truthful, sometimes painfully so. They are cute and can be forgiven. I am no longer seven years of age and no longer cute. What would I be able to get away with if I told a friend I hated her haircut, if I told a new lover that he was not as good as my last?

I have no idea as I never will. I don’t take any chances. I don’t want to be left alone with little else than my veracity. So I color the truth. A friend’s bad haircut is always “interesting”. A second-rate lover is always “different”.

Recently I bought a new gown. My friend said it was quite “unusual”. Does she like it? Truthfully, I don’t know.

Watch the musical interpretation of this essay created and performed by the fabulous songwriter, actor and musician, Steve Schalchlin. excerpt from "With No Regrets"

Jane H. Goldman is a renaissance woman. For many years, she was General Counsel-Vice President of Warner Bros Distributing Corporation and thereafter litigation counsel to its parent company, Time Warner Inc. She now pursues and lives her passions, which include painting, sculpting, music, and writing. In addition, she won a Drama Desk Award as associate producer of the hit comedy “Celebrity Autobiography”. She received her BA from Barnard College and her law degree from NYU.  “With No Regrets…Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It” is Jane’s first book. It was published by The Three Tomatoes and is available exclusively on Amazon.


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    Congratulations Jane. Can’t wait to read the book.

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