How to Cook a Perfect Steak

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By Pamela Morgan, Flirting with Flavors

It’s a perfect time to hunker down and have a date night at home and steak is one of our favorite stay at home dinners.

So many people are afraid of making steak at home. If you are one of them, then watch this video! And if you’re not, watch anyway to learn a tried and true cooking technique!

Steak is so easy to cook on your stovetop.

Here are the 8 secrets to cook a perfect steak:  Print This Post Print This Post

  1. Take steak out of fridge 20 minutes before you cook it
  2. Season generously, with salt and freshly cracked pepper
  3. Get your pan smoking hot
  4. Gauge the temperature with your finger
  5. Add garlic and butter for more flavor
  6. Bathe steak in the butter for even more flavor
  7. Let steak rest for 1-2 minutes after cooking
  8. Pour pan juices onto steak


As you know, I don’t eat steak that often, but when I do, it has to be a great cut of meat. I’m using an American wagyu sirloin steak that is expensive and super marbled. It’s so rich and indulgent that one sirloin can feed 2 to 3 people. However, you can use prime aged sirloin too to make a great steak. It doesn’t have to be wagyu but if you want to go the big flavor, then by all means, spoil yourself!

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Cookbook author and entertaining expert, Pamela Morgan is the owner of NYC based Flirting with Flavors, where she offers exclusive cooking parties, inspirational seminars and special events. She is highly regarded as a special event planner, culinary consultant, cookbook author, and is a food & entertaining editor for Hamptons’s Cottages and Gardens.   Pamela sees food as a flirtation: sexy, provocative, and a little mysterious. Her desire is to teach you how to flirt your way into a full on passion for cooking and entertaining! Visit her web site for recipes, entertaining inspiration and much more.


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