HEALTH ALERT! Cellulitis.

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HEALTH ALERT! Cellulitis.

To all Tomatoes:

From Gerry Hempel Davis

Read the following carefully. Memorize and spread the word  about Cellulitis.

As you may remember, for many years I have been a judge at the National Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. This year was no exception, in fact it was the 25th year and more celebrations than ever were planned. I did not want to miss a second.

A few days before I planned to leave, I was at my desk getting paperwork done and for some reason I glance at my leg [under the desk] and notice the arch area is a bit swollen and my lower leg was RED!  For the initial following seconds, I did not give it too much thought. Then my smart cells kicked in and I thought I had best call the doctor.

I was  told to go to the doctor, and  he and his nurse would be waiting for me. I still wasn’t giving it much thought and soon arrived at his office. Immediately looking at my leg he said you have Cellulitis. To which I replied “What? What is it? I’m driving to Asheville on Friday. for the Gingerbread Competition.” I was told to immediately get and take the prescribed medicine and, get in bed, keep your leg propped up higher than your heart and hope all will get well pronto.

Obviously I did as instructed. I had been warned that the body pain could be awful. My brother hearing of my condition, quickly researched Cellulitis and informed me that I had best take care, telling me awful reports of what can develop. [If you want to know, look it up, but I warn you]

I did as instructed. Friday morning arrived and the swelling and red was gone but suddenly  the pain in my body was so awful, I prayed and hoped that after a bit of hot cereal and tea I would be feeling better. In truth there was only one way to go.

An hour or so passed and indeed my prayers were being answered and by 10AM I was in the car feeling quite satisfactory.

I relay this so you know and be aware. A few details. Female and Male can contract Cellulitis. You can get it from the tiniest pin prick, a paper cut or having a pedicure, manicure or such. I had had a pedicure, but I watch carefully. No confirmation can I give as to how, when or where I got it. All I can say and I repeat: BE AWARE. I asked the nurse, what if the condition reoccurs, to which she replied: “Go to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room right away.”

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I was lucky, I arrived at the Grove Park, judged fantastic gingerbread entries [look it up] I confess I did have occasional pain in my leg and did not overdo and hid the malaise.

So that is my saga. You DO NOT want to acquire this awful cellulitis in any way. I alert you in neon lights. FYI: I have been amazed at how few – females or males – have the slightest notion about this cellulitis.

Now you know. BE AWARE!.

To learn more about Cellulities, read this article at the Mayo Clinic.


  • Gerry Davis

    Gerry Hempel Davis worked for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, was the youngest female in the control room of the Ed Sullivan Show, and was for several years a contributing lifestyle correspondent for The Today Show. She is the author of the authorized history of The Today Show as well as The Moving Experience. In recent years Gerry Davis has logged over 100,000 miles on America's highways and byways, stumbling upon sites that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. She’s written three books on her road trips including ROMANCING THE ROADS: A DRIVING DIVA’S FIRST HAND GUIDE: Vol I (East of the Mississippi) and Vol II (West of the Mississippi).

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