Glamour and Thankfulness at the Oscars

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We did not agree with all the Oscar selections this year – especially Everywhere Everything All At Once for best movie. Most Tomatoes we surveyed said it was unwatchable, although the head Tomato did get through to the end, but said it was nearly three hours she will never get back.  However, we were thrilled that Jaimie Lee Curtis, Ke Huy Quan, and Michelle Yeoh won for their terrific performances. And while Brendan Fraser won his well-deserved best actor, we were all in for Austin Butler. But what struck us this year, was how truly thankful, grateful, and sincere all the acceptance speeches were.  No grandstanding, no politics, just gratefulness.  And Jimmy Kimmel is an affable host and didn’t offend anyone. A beautiful thing.

Our favorite moment was Lady Gaga, in tee shirt and jeans, sans makeup in her very moving performance of the song she wrote ‘Hold My Hand’ from TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Watch the video at the end of this post.

On the fashion side, we invited two of The Three Tomatoes stylists, Scarlett Debease and Felicia Arlin to weigh in along with the 3Ts Cheryl Benton and Roni Jenkins on the best and the worst. But we have to say that overall, this year was all about classic glamour and classy ladies.

We pity the people sitting in back of Tems, the singer-songwriter, whose “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” track “Lift Me Up,” was nominated for best song.

With the rare exception, there was nothing crazy outlandish (except for Tems the singer/songwriter in the audience whose crazy headgear blocked everyone sitting in back of her) and most of the women had their boobs inside their gowns this year.

Here’s who wore it best and who didn’t quite make the cut.

Here are our top five picks:


We all agree with Scarlett Debase comments that “Jamie Lee Curtis (top left in case you didn’t know – photo by Getty) is proof that a woman can look elegant without being emaciated. Her gown had very subtle details at the waist which gave her more of an hourglass looking shape and camouflaged her tummy. You know, the one that most of us Tomatoes have.” The head Tomato adds: “I love how Jaime Lee Curtis owns her age, with her beautiful grey hair and her own face that seems “filler free.”

We all loved Cate Blanchett who looked stunning in that that elegant and non-fussy satin blue cape top. And we second that it made her blue eyes look like the Caribbean Sea.

Another winner in the fashion department was the always elegant and always royal Angela Bassett. Scarlett says, “She looks like a queen in her royal purple – figure flattering gown. Loved the perfectly placed draping.”

We love red (our course) and Cara Delevingne who looked stunning in this perfect red gown.  “Pure glamour” says Scarlett, but she was wondering, like most of us, “how does she walk in those heels.”  Roni Jenkins adds: “This my absolute favorite. Screams Hollywood glamour. She glammed up the red carpet (which was champagne this year.)

Felicia Arlin and Scarlett loved Monica Barbaro’s gown. Scarlett called it, “elegant and playful and unexpected color combination. “

Mixed Review


Felicia and Cheryl both love Hong Chau’s simple and elegant look, and the beautiful shade of pink.  Scarlett liked the simplicity too, but put her on the “what were they thinking list” because of the black train that “ looked like she mistakenly tucked a black bath mat into her waist.

Fire the Stylists


Florence Pugh…just a mess. Scarlett’s son-in-law weighed in saying top looked like it was made with the tissue paper in shoe boxes.

Ashley Graham, one of the Red Carpet presenters wore this mess. She gets extra points though for handling grumpy and rude Huge Grant on the red carpet. As several people pointed out, if he didn’t want to be interviewed, why did he walk the carpet.

Eva Longoria is sticking with the ugly plunging neckline look, and Scarlett also mentioned it draws attention to her crotch. Well if that’s the look you’re going for she succeeded. And while the head Tomato adores Melissa McCartney, why would anyone put her in this huge red ball gown? Is she trying out for one of Cinderella’s step-sisters?

Roni Jenkins says, “Halle Berry is #fitnessgoals but the rosettes reminded me of 90s era Carrie Bradshaw and her vintage glam hair came off as messy. “

Trend Spotting

Felicia Arlin spotted these, and we are sure we’ll be seeing more of these.

 Voluminous Sleeves

Corseting Detail

Bold Brights




Ethereal Whites and Sheers

Vintage Jewels

PS – Black is still elegant.

Best Moment of the Oscars

Watch Lady Gaga performing her Oscar nominated song.



Various style experts offers tips for tomatoes. Plus you’ll find our Red Carpet reviews here too with the hits and misses.

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Various style experts offers tips for tomatoes. Plus you’ll find our Red Carpet reviews here too with the hits and misses.

3 Responses

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! To Jamie Lee Curtis! Absolutely stunning! Also, I’m a traditionalist & long to see Fan Bingbing’s gown sans billowy green, just the sheath with some amazing emerald jewels would have done it for me. And in my humble opinion, Emily Blunt knocks it out of the ballpark everytime!

  2. Moreen Murray says:

    It’s Brendan Fraser – I realize that Americans seem to have trouble spelling this name. We have a number of landmarks in Canada like the Fraser River.

    Also, you didn’t mention the ungracious behaviour of Angela Bassett.

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