Giving Back: Grazing and Giving

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giving back, the three tomatoesGiving back is easy these days.  I count myself among the many when I say time flies and it seems I hardly have any time to go to the grocery store let alone volunteer time to help those in need.

When going through a busy time or any time for that matter check out this wonderful new resource: , an organization that believes in delicious fresh food. No questions about mislabeled products or artificial additives. OurHarvest is dedicated to healthy eating. And heres the best part – f or every order above $25, OurHarvest donates a meal to a local food pantry in or near your neighborhood.

Shopping never sounded so rewarding.

Remember there are easy ways to give back daily.

  •  Convenience store counters—- when the cashier asks if you want to donate to charity of the month- say “yes”. While a dollar is hard earned, the pay back is a natural high for sure.
  • What about your credit cards? There are many that give back. Swipe and feel a sense of doing good.
  • How about all that change in your pocket? This is a favorite of my husbands. Every day he takes all those pennies/ nickels out of his pocket and every couple of months he has “found” money. It always goes to a favorite cause. You would be surprised how it adds up.

Remember to always care about the causes you give to—it will inspire you to “give” more—and lastly there’s YOU!

Give of yourself.  It’s the greatest feeling–making a difference.

Remember America has over 1 million nonprofit organizations. It’s a little tough to sort through them all~ be sure to reference for assistance.


giving back, stephanie garry, the three tomatoesStephanie Garry.  My heart and purpose lies in making the lives of those who are struggling a little easier and more manageable.  For decades I’ve given my time and energy to local, national and international organizations that provide assistance to those less fortunate. From assisting at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens, to traveling to New Orleans, the Ukraine, Africa and many points in between, I feel I’m at my best when I’m working for the benefit of others. Though I enjoy making my  living as an actor and have appeared in over 1,000 commercials, it is the “giving”  in my life that I find most rewarding.

Happy Summer.


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