Fake it Baby! Lash Tips and Tricks

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Fake it Baby! Lash Tips and Tricks
If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are the curtains! It’s no wonder more and more women are looking for ways to lengthen, curl, and thicken their eyelashes. Eyes are such a focal point of the face, having wide open looking eyes with strong lashes gives confidence to women so they can literally go out and face the world.

What a better way to frame your eyes than to apply false eyelashes? False lashes are sold everywhere from pharmacies to department stores and online. Available in synthetic, real hair, and even mink, you’ll have no trouble finding the right lash for you!

Get the look!

Step #1:

Apply all eye makeup, as well as mascara before you apply your lashes

Step #2:

Tweezers and special lash application tools are perfect for removing the lashes from the packaging without a hiccup. You should always peel them from the outer edge and never from the inner corner.

Step #3:
Mould the lashes for up to a minute by bending them into a ‘C’ shape to make them better suited to the eye’s natural shape.

Step #4:

More often than not, lashes may need trimming before application, so make sure that they fit the eyelid before you apply!

Step #5:

Apply the adhesive to the band of the lashes – before pressing the lashes to your eye you must wait until the glue turns slightly cloudy in color and tacky. Tweezers will help you to secure them in place.

Step #6:

Take a lash brush and blend your lashes into your own lashes for a natural, seamless look.

You may need to re-apply your eyeliner and touch up your eye shadow post application if you smudged your look in the process. False lashes can be reused with proper care.

Achieving long, full lashes is easier than you ever thought – now start feeling confident about winking those luscious lashes!

Check out this video that makes it look easy peasy.






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