Everything You Always Wanted to Ask a Plastic Surgeon

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Welcome  to this episode of The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour. If you find yourself scrutinizing your face in the mirror more often these days, and you’re thinking about doing something about it. This is the episode for you. Our guest is Dr. Arthur Perry, a board-certified plastic surgeon, with over three decades of experience. He has been named as a top doctor in several prestigious magazines and publications in the New York City and New Jersey area. He also hosts a plastic surgery show on who are called What’s your wrinkle. He’s the author of four books and is  a contributor to The Three Tomatoes with a monthly column titled Looking In The Mirror.

Here are a few of the topics we covered with Dr. Perry:

  • What You Need to Know About Aging Skin
  • Are You Poisoning Your Skin With Toxic Products?
  • The Injectables Revolution
  • The Latest in Plastic Surgery
  • How to Choose the Right Person to Do Injectables
  • How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon


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