Dr. Ruth Discusses Fifty Shades

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Dr. Ruth discusses Fifty Shades, the three tomatoesIn this delightful video, Dr. Ruth discusses Fifty Shades and says every woman and every man too, should read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilology.  And don’t forget, long before Mr. Grey, there was Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and Fear of Flying that were all about women experiencing good sex.  Dr. Ruth says if she was much younger, and Christian Grey was real, she’d want to be with him too!


  • Ruth Westheimer

    Dr. Ruth Westheimer is a psychosexual therapist who pioneered speaking frankly about sexual matters on radio with her program, Sexually Speaking. It began in September of 1980 as a fifteen minute, taped show that aired Sundays after midnight on WYNY-FM (NBC) in New York. One year later it became a live, one-hour show airing at 10 PM on which Dr. Ruth, as she became known, answered call-in questions from listeners. Soon it became part of a communications network to distribute Dr. Westheimer's expertise which has included television, books, newspapers, games, home video, computer software and her own website, www.drruth.com

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