Building an Inclusive Community through Yoga

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Get InPowered, is a podcast series  hosted by Judithe Registre

Kendra Blackett-Dibinga joins me in studio to discuss her business and how she’s building inclusive communities through yoga. As a host, I have the greatest respect for this woman. Kendra is simply killing it as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, business owner, activist, citizen, and above all, a human being. We discuss her journey and aspiration to create an inclusive yoga community where people can care for themselves and each other. As you will hear in this episode, her impact and influence are deep and significant.

Kendra Blackett-Dibinga

Our health and well-being are reflections of our community’s health, so we have to persevere. “We all have issues,” Kendra explains, “but we can all gain control of our lives. My role is to help people connect by creating a community where that is possible. We want people to connect. It is needed for our survival.”

In this episode, we highlight the inclusive beginnings and nature of Bikram Yoga.

“When I found yoga, it was like—oh my God—this is everything I wanted. I realized that what I was yearning for was a connection.” – Kendra

“After someone takes a class, they shouldn’t want to run out!”  – Kendra

“You can’t do this yoga—I mean really do it—and be a nasty person. The nastiness sheds away.” – Kendra

“When you look in that mirror and you realize how not perfect you are, you can’t expect perfection from anyone else!” – Kendra

“We’re getting people…people who would have never ever tried yoga before, but they’re coming because of who we are. And that’s lovely, because they need it!”  – Kendra

Check out Kendra’s Studio. If you’re in DC, sign up for a class and experience this feeling of community.

The Get InPowered Podcast by Inclusivus, is about individuals, innovators, advocates, activists, and agents of social change across sectors and industries who are working to transform their communities and the world at large. In each episode, we travel with host Judithe Registre to a different location and talk with InPowered women and men whose stories and work are inspiring change and action and making a transformative impact in their communities. These are people who, through their own personal experiences and a gender equity lens, are working to create more inclusive and progressive communities.

Each one of us can make the world a better, kinder and more meaningful place. Here are ideas and thoughts and causes to help you do just that.

Make a Difference

Each one of us can make the world a better, kinder and more meaningful place. Here are ideas and thoughts and causes to help you do just that.

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