Books that inspire and transport

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We have three wonderful non-fiction books to recommend to you today. Two are memoirs and one is advice for those of us who might feel we are past our prime.

When We Were the Kennedys

Books that inspire and transport

We happened upon this book in a real honest to goodness bookstore in Maine. It is a delightful, poignant and beautiful memoir by Monica Wood, that takes place in Mexico, Maine in 1963.  Ms. Wood has written 4 well received novels, but this is her first memoir, and she knocked it out of the park. It’s her story of growing up in a paper mill town in a close knit Catholic family and community where everyone’s Dad works for the mill.  But then one day when she was 9 years old her father died on the way to work.  This beautifully written story told through her childhood eyes, with the occasional grownup looking back, tells how her family was set adrift and somehow brought back through their empathy for the Kennedy family after JFK’s assassination in the same year. A wonderful read. Get the book.

Your Best Age is Now

Books that inspire and transport

Our mantra at the Three Tomatoes is you are never too old to realize your dreams.  So hooray to Robi Ludwig who has taken on the myths of middle age, and our fears of growing older in our youth obsessed culture. Drawing on her experience as a psychotherapist, her reporting skills as a regular guest on CNN, Fox, and other media outlets, and her writing skills as an author, Robi has put together a wonderfully readable book, that will speak to any midlife woman who is struggling with self-esteem, relationships, work, and spirituality.  We love her practical advice and guidance on how to change your perception of this time of your life and embrace all of its possibilities.  Get the book now.

Tales of a Silver Haired Volunteer

Books that inspire and transportOne of the things we love about you tomatoes, is that you care about your community and the world around you and you give back. Well if you’re looking for inspiration, you will love Carole Howard’s amazing story of how after retiring from a career in marketing, she and her husband decided to volunteer their skills and talent working for non-profit groups in a variety of African and Asian countries. Carole takes you on this remarkable journey, starting with her qualms about leaving her comfort zone, and heading to parts unknown, and becoming a humanitarian adventurer.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be moved, and we promise you will be inspired. Get the book.



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