Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan

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Watching the guest arrivals at Harry and Meghan’s wedding was the ultimate red carpet and provides wonderful inspiration if you’re heading to a wedding anytime soon. Who stood out for good or bad? We’ve got our choices including the two most spectacular looks of the day (bride excluded.)

Meghan’s Gowns

Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

The actual wedding gown was perfection.  Simple, elegant, and graceful. And the most wonderful touch was her veil which had symbols of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth embroidered in her veil, plus the state flower of California –  the poppy.  And her second gown by Stella McCarthy who designed many of the outfits worn by guests too, was simply stunning.

Best Dressed at the Wedding

Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

Wow oh wow.  Here are our  three favorite dresses/gowns worn by guests.  Amal Clooney (in Stella McCartney) was simply stunning. We love the cut of the dress and the color on her is stunning. And having George Clooney as an accessory doesn’t hurt either.  And proving the apple doesn’t fall far from that tree, is Kitty Spencer, neice of Princess Diana. She is just beautiful and the dress is spectacular. And while there aren’t many photos of the evening reception, this one of Serena Williams in this stunning Valentino dress is simply divine. And the coolest thing is she was wearing sneakers under that gown.

The Family Members

Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

The Queen looked lovely in pistachio highlighted with purple. And will we ever know what is in her purse. BUT, the real queen, is Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland who looked beautiful in her mint Oscar De La Renta ensemble, diamond stud in her ear (very cool) and conducted herself with grace and dignity in circumstances we are sure she never could have imaged.  When it comes to Camilla we can never stop drawing comparison to Diana, so enough said. And Princess Charlotte and Princess Kate looked stunning. And kudos to Kate for recycling this Stella McCartney ensemble. See, you don’t always need something new.

The Other Royals

Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

We love Fergie and her jaunty hat and the navy and pink combo, BUT it looks a bit tight. And honestly her daughters, princesses Eugenia and Beatrice, who toned it down from their looks at William and Kate’s wedding, always remind us of the step-sisters in Cinderella.

The Misses

Best Dressed at the Royal Wedding

Even with David Beckham as arm candy, Victoria Beckham missed the mark in her own creation.  Maybe a smile would have helped.  Beautiful Abigail Spencer, one of Meghan’s Suits co-stars, looked like she was channeling Mary Poppins. And Oprah, Oprah, Oprah.  The ruffles, the pale pink, and the ill fit of this Stella McCartney dress just didn’t cut it.  Although the hat was fab. But in fairness to Oprah, apparently she got nervous that her original dress choice was too white, and the day before the wedding had Stella whip up this little number.

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