Beautiful Dressing for Oneself

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by Gabrielle Carlson

I read an article over the weekend rejoicing in Tom Ford and a “return” to beautiful dressing. While I applaud him for finding his way back to designing beautiful clothes, there are those of us who have upheld the need to dress daily as a measure of sustaining a sense of self— more so during the pandemic.  Dressing for oneself is to satisfy the severest critic. Few among us looks on ourselves with a loving eye, or readily embraces what’s far from perfect as we take ourselves into account.

Jeanette Carlson

I too design for women, and during the Pandemic created an At Home collection. My inspiration for designing the At Home collection was my mom, who, even in her nineties, dressed daily, making sure her socks matched her tops and bottom.  While her pieces were casual, they worked well together.  She likewise dressed her face, putting on her makeup every day to the very end. 

Earlier this year, being confined to living at home, not knowing for how long we’d be under wraps, it felt important to be dressing in comfortable clothes that were also attractive. The premise being—if I glimpsed myself in a mirror, I could live with myself as I went on into the next room. My self-respect was intact, contributing to keeping faith in life beyond the pandemic—and having a sense of possibility. 

Living in NYC, we’re enjoying life outside of our homes once more.  Though stepping out cautiously, we’re wearing more than At Home wear.  I am excited when women, who step into my store to purchase Vote masks, or Tee’s or Totes—browse the racks of beautiful silk pieces – and once more see themselves wearing lovely clothes.  While we are far from the Pandemic being past tense, our spirits are lifted by beauty, and the continuance of life, reflected in colorful pieces we wrap ourselves — and our spirits—in. We celebrate being alive.

Gabrielle Carlson makes “Beautiful Clothes, in Your Size.”  She designs elegant pieces in vibrant colors and exquisite fabrics. Her clothes are timeless, and her sizes inclusive. They are—and have always been—made in New York. Gab’s “At Home” collections, her newest offerings to the women she loves to dress, are “live-in” separates—simple yet distinctively designed pieces that bring quality and glamor home.  Visit


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