Barboursville Vineyards Perfection Personified

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 Barboursville Vineyards, the driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

As you drive the Winery Road, Barboursville, VA., and arrive on site, realize that you are about to experience a collection of various examples of perfection This gem, the Barbourville Vineyards, was founded in1976 by a prominent Italian family who had been growing estate bottled wines in Italy since 1821. They establish Barboursville vineyard dedicated to also growing estate bottled wines of the finest heritage. The property was originally the estate of James Barbour, Virginia’s Governor during the War of 1812. This beautiful and ultra “establishment” is total perfection and wonderful. There are four main entities: The Winery, Palladio Restaurant, The 1840 Inn and the Vineyard Cottages. On site there are the ruins of the mansion designed by Thomas Jefferson for Governor Barbour which add a historic dimension. Of course the rolling hills, the rows of grape vines and scenery only enhance the Barboursville treasures you will behold.

 Barboursville Vineyards, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

Let’s start at the TUSCAN TASTING ROOM where tastings are about $7.00 and you will taste a delicious selection of Barboursville wines. Be sure to savor Octagon, the most renowned red wine in Virginia. These wines are produced from the immaculate vines you saw covering the rolling hills as you arrived at Barboursville. The Tasting room is open Monday – Saturday 10-5. Sunday 11-5. Wines can be purchased [of course] and there are other items to entice. No need to rush as you savor and enjoy.

 Barboursville Vineyards, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

LIBRARY 1821 is where you can enjoy selections from the cellars and a pairing of culinary delights. Part of the Tasting Room, this delicious and distinctive experience is $20.00.

 Barboursville Vineyards, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

The 1840 Inn is totally exceptional and beautiful and perfect. I definitely recommend a visit or reserve a suite for an unforgettable stay. It was part of the original estate. As you enter off the porch, in front of you is a magnificent curved stairway and immediately you realize you are going to experience beauty and perfection, which is exactly what the Inn is. There are three suites which are wonderful each with a living room, bath and main bedroom. The appointments are perfect and as you survey and take deep breaths, you realize how lucky you are to be there. Of course there is a complimentary bottle of wine and glasses – on a small table in your living room. A delicious full breakfast, served to perfection will be enjoyed in the morning in the elegant dining room or if arranged can be brought to your room. JoZell oversees this to the max and perfection is not in question. Also Felicia and May are her “assistants” and they all do a magnificent job maintaining perfection

 Barboursville Vineyards, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes, palladio restaurant

Executive Chef Melissa Close Hart is definitely top of her trade. Her expertise is readily perceived. The goal of combining superb foods and wines in a most harmonious fashion is apparent with each morsel. The four course dinner is indeed perfection and the wine pairing with each course cannot be questioned. Only perfect. Melissa Close Hart was away when I was there, but she has taught her staff well and I look forward to meeting her and complimenting her in person.

Luca Paschina, winemaker and General Manager extraordinaire of Barboursville is extremely knowledgeable, gracious and an absolute pleasure to meet. He has been at the winery for over 23 years. There is no question that he oversees and orchestrates a magnificent winery and all that Barboursville includes to perfection.

Luca shares his expertise: Keep white wine in refrigerator overnight and remove 15 minutes before serving. Place red wine into the refrigerator for no more than 15 minutes before serving.

Barboursville Vineyards is a treasure and should not be missed. You will agree. Perfection achieved.
Barboursville Vineyards: 17655 Winery Road, Barboursville, Va. 22923: 540-832-5384


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