Add These to Your Summer Reading/Listening List

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We have a trio of books to add your summer reading or listening list, and two of then are by friends! Janet Neal has just released the audio version of her self-help book for stressed out women, The Superbwoman: It’s All About the BE. (And could win the audio book.) Our other friend, Deborah Burns has released her riveting memoir, Saturday’s Child. And pack Rouge in your beach bag—it’s a page turner novel.

Now Available as an Audio Book – Win a Copy

Add These to Your Summer Reading/Listening List

Janet Neil’s book, The Superbwoman: It’s All About the BE.   parable about a stressed out single working mother who sees a media icon who seems to have it all, and goes on a quest to figure out how she does it, is now available as an audio book, beautifully narrated by Janet herself. And you can win a free audiobook (the winner will get a code for Amazon.) Click here for a chance to win.

A Compelling, Poignant Memoir

Add These to Your Summer Reading/Listening List

In this beautifully written memoir, Saturday’s Child: A Daughter’s Memoir Deborah Burns poignantly shares her story of growing up with a beautiful but distant mother whom she idolized, but felt she never quite measured up to, often feeling like a shadow to her mother’s larger than life presence.  Deborah does a beautiful job balancing the feelings of Deborah the little girl, with the insights of Deborah the grownup women who eventually finds herself. It’s a compelling story of a unique childhood and reads more like a novel, than a memoir. Available in paperback, kindle, and also audio book read by the author. Get it now.   

A Decadent Summer Read

Add These to Your Summer Reading/Listening List

Get ready for an epic catfight in Rouge: A Novel of Beauty and Rivalry when beauty industry visionaries Josiah Herzenstein and Constance Gardiner, who created the modern day cosmetic industry in the 20th century, vie to be number one in business and New York City and Palm Beach society. And yes, you may see certain similarities between real life cosmetic queens too. It’s a fast paced read, with lots of glamour and society and the tales of two truly self-made women who battle it out to be the top queen of cosmetics. Get it now.


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