A Mother’s Loss, a Daughter’s Wish

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by Anne Akers, Cause Connector

Conquering Kidz Cancer is dedicated to raising awareness and funding pediatric cancer research so that “someday no child will ever have to face cancer.”

A Mother’s Loss, a Daughter’s Wish

Sue Matthews and daughter Taylor

Sue Matthews says “When you hear the words, ‘Your child has cancer,’ your world stops, your chest tightens, you can’t breathe. You may hear the words you are being told, but can’t possibly grasp their meaning.”

Sue’s daughter, Taylor, founded tay-bandz when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 11 because her wish was “that someday no child will ever have to face cancer.” While Taylor lost her battle her organization continues to honor her wish. Sue leads Tay-Bandz (conqueringkidzcancer.org), a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding research for pediatric cancer.  Their goal has been and always will be to help children with cancer by funding cutting edge, innovative research that can impact their lives now, not years and miles of bureaucratic red tape from now.

During Taylor’s five-year battle with cancer, Sue experienced first-hand the fear and grueling battles families endure when children are diagnosed with cancer. Sue, her daughter and family coped with five years of treatment, misdiagnosis, new protocols, good news and setbacks. Sue navigated hospital systems all across the United States and internationally. She speaks with compassion and detailed knowledge about the options and challenges families face.

Tay-bandz, which has raised in excess of $1 million for cancer research, is currently prioritizing raising funds for Precision Medicine, which involves genome sequencing of an individual child’s tumor to identify mutations in their DNA enabling more precise targeted treatment, prevention to improve outcomes, as well as decrease adverse effects.

Tay-bandz also collaborates with the Coalition Against Cancer and actively lobbies Congress for legislation that improves access to cancer treatment for children.

Sue is a CPA and a former Senior Manager for Deloitte; a member of the Children’s Board of Director’s at Columbia Medical University, an Executive Mentor at Baruch College and a member of the Narcolepsy Network Board. She is at work on a memoir detailing Taylor’s journey and how she learned how to celebrate life with a terminal illness.

To learn more about the amazing work that Conquering Kidz with Cancer is doing, visit their website.

anne akers

Baby Boomers, “empty nesters”, retirees, and Tomatoes, all have invaluable experiences, knowledge, stories, and “gifts to give” for the many causes that are deserving of our attention.Anne Akers is a great “cause connector”.  She has been involved in many levels of not-for-profit work for decades, including Gala Committees, board service, and much more, with an emphasis on women’s health, financial literacy, military women, and female empowerment.  In addition, you may know her as the Founder/Editor in Chief of GLOW Beauty, Health and Wellness Magazine; the Founder/Publisher of Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing; co-Founder of MDPublish.com, an Author Coach/Consultant and a business development/marketing specialist in the alternative and traditional medicine fields.

Each one of us can make the world a better, kinder and more meaningful place. Here are ideas and thoughts and causes to help you do just that.

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Each one of us can make the world a better, kinder and more meaningful place. Here are ideas and thoughts and causes to help you do just that.

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