7 Easy Styling Hacks

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We’ve just discovered Melissa Murrell, a UK stylist, and we love her videos. In this video she shares some great hacks, which she slowly demonstrates to, that will up your style, and elongate you look. And she lists where to the items she mentions too.



Clothes shown/Items mentioned:

Zara Pink Jumper – https://www.zara.com/uk/en/high-neck-…

Cream Oversized Jumper Dress – old but an even nicer one is here: https://bit.ly/33FK4xE Striped blue shirt, Zara, old.

Necklace Clasp: https://amzn.to/3tOli9l

Cream and grey chevron cowl neck jumper, Phase Eight: https://bit.ly/3fHZCn3

Long Beige Coat, Cos – https://bit.ly/32AQkXh

White high neck blouse, mango; https://bit.ly/33SnUs3

Black Amazon Belt – https://amzn.to/3nxAOTg

Long beige cardigan, Mint Velvet: https://bit.ly/3GH36lH

A&M Beige Tank Top Jumper, old but similar ; https://bit.ly/3rtqCfC

Email: melissa@mmpersonalstyling.co.uk

Instagram: melissamurrellpersonalstyling

Website: mmpersonalstyling.co.uk


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