6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

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Don’t you love gadgets? Especially ones that are inexpensive and don’t have to sit out on your kitchen counter.  Here are 6 must have kitchen gadgets.

6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets, magic opener, the three tomatoesThe Original magic Opener – 3 in 1 Bottle Opener

This extra ordinary very nice, little magnetic and ergonomic easy opener is the first choice for those who like to easily open any beer can, soda can, juice can, any water bottle, plastic bottle, small medium or large soda plastic bottle or a traditional glass bottle in any party, in the pool, at home or on the go.  Amazon, $19.99


6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets, the three tomatoesAmazing Vegetable Peeler / Spiral Slicer!

By simply giving a twist, you can turn your whole vegetables into a gorgeous noodle soup with this small cutter – perfect for vegetable noodles, salads, and gourmet-style garnishes. Spiral slicing tools aren’t just for professional chefs anymore! On sale right now at Amazon for $9.97 (regulary $39!)



6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets, the three tomatoesSilicone Lids Fit Any Container

How many times do you have to put the leftover dinner or salads in other containers to store it in the refrigerator? Not anymore! Stretch your Expand-a-lid over your bowl & place it in the refrigerator. The Expand-a-lid is not just limited to be used over bowls & containers, but can be used to seal a cut watermelon, apple, half a can of soda or any tub that you want to reseal. Get a 6-pack of lids at Amazon for $14.95.

6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets, the three tomatoesUberChef® Premium Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler

One chore we never look forward to is peeling potatoes.  But this peeler is not only ultra-sharp so peeling is a cinch, but is perfect to julieene your veggies too.  Your guests will be so impressed.  Amazon, $9.95.



6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets, the three tomatoesPancake Batter Dispenser

Now you can make perfect pancakes, without all that messy pancake splatter with the Pancake Batter Dispenser from  KPKitchen.    Made entirely of high quality plastic, this easy to use dispenser is designed with a wide mouth opening making filling it up a breeze, and the quick close valve makes pouring the perfect pancake like a pro seem like child’s play!  Amazon, $16.97.


6 Must Have Kitchen GadgetsKeurig My K-Cup Replacement Coffee Filter Set fits

If you love your one cup coffee maker, but jot the costs of all those little cups, check out the reusable one coffee filter set that lets you fill them with any coffee you want. Amazon. $2.96 per set.



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