SF LIFE: Gold Gate Celebration, Dance, New Retaurants

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SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

We are still celebrating 150 years of Golden Gate Park, and a new light installation is the icing on the cake. ODC dance presents Drinks and Dance – something different for your stay at home viewing pleasure.  A new 45-acre shoreline park has opened – time to get out and explore! Even though we are in this odd time, restaurants are still opening, here are a few from all over the bay that we think are worth investigating. EAT and SHOP local, support the Bay Area! And this week’s podcast is all about etiquette and civility.

Celebrating Golden Gate Park

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

An art installation is coming to Golden Gate Park in honor of the 150th birthday of our beloved green space. Get ready for an enchanted forest of otherworldly shapes and ever-changing light that will transform Peacock Meadow. Entwined will run from December 1 through February 29th. The lighting each night will take place from sundown to approximately 10 p.m.

The Entwined installation creates a whimsical wonderland where visitors can explore paths and sit under a grove of three entwined sculptural trees while practicing social distancing. The trees range from 12 to 20 feet tall with illuminated canopies as large as 30 feet, filling the meadow with changing light. Sculptures comprised of 2,000 LED lights cluster into small flowering bushes at varying heights, further filling the green space with peaks and valleys of radiating light.

The variety of lighting effects are inspired by nature and build a sense of awe: Raindrops on the pavement, lighting and thunderstorms, wind blowing tall grass and flowers, and ripples on a pond. Peacock Meadow (between McLaren Lodge & Conservatory of Flowers) Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Get more details.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour

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Nov. 13. Drink and Dance

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

ODC is not only a dance studio, but they also have performances, in person when allowed and now online. Friday November 13th at 5:15 p.m. you can attend Drink & Dance. The evening features a triple-bill exploration of ODC/Dance films: 2011’s Love on the Run, the public premiere of ODC’s Sleeping Beauty; and the extended footage world premiere of Walk on Air (against your better judgement), filmed onsite at McEvoy Ranch.

Accompanying the dance are two exquisite wines that can be directly delivered to you: The Family Coppola’s Director’s Cut Chardonnay and Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon, a clever nod to the history of filmmaking. The Zoom theatre date begins with you and your friends in an informal, social chat with The Family Coppola leading you in the tasting. Then the screening begins and the films are all shorts. You have several options which include the wine, or the tasting and the party (Sofia Coppola is rumored to be there), or just the screening. www.odc.dance

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The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Book Club

Shore Line Park is Now Open

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park
Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline Park is the Bay’s brand new 45-acres Shoreline Park that is now open for wandering, hiking, exploring.  The new park includes a massive 600-foot long by 40-foot wide public observation pier built atop six remaining piles from the old Bay Bridge; a 24,000-square foot 1930s-era electric train maintenance building  (known as the Bridge Yard) renovated to host large concerts, community events, and public concessions; and visitor amenities, including bathrooms, walking paths, interpretive panels, and connection to the Bay Bridge Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail that crosses to Treasure Island.

With sweeping views of the bay and easy access to the Bay Bridge Trail, this will be a great place to bring your visiting friends, when they come back to our city by the bay. 28 Bay Bridge Trail, Oakland. Get the details.  

New Eats

Even if you aren’t a fan of beer, there is nothing like sitting out on a deck, enjoying the casual atmosphere of a beer garden.  

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

Buck Wild Taproom in Oakland has now opened as California’s first gluten-free beer brewery. Set to open on November 7th, there will be 8 gluten free beers on tap and food from Kitava in SF (similarly gluten free) will be available. Buckwildbrew.com  

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

Akna is a delicious Mexican/Mayan pop up. Named for the Mayan goddess of motherhood, they place an emphasis on family, Mother Earth and nature’s freshest produce. Their ceviche looks mouthwatering. See for yourself, Wednesday – Sundays. Aknasf.com  

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

 Maison Nico, a French-style deli is open in Jackson Square with a selection of pastries, grab-and-go prepared foods, and inventive coffee drinks like a chartreuse cappuccino.   Redwood City gets the Japantown favorite Marufuku Ramen to grace its abundant restaurant scene. Fans of true Ramen will be enamored with the 20-hour Tonkotsu broth and ultra-thin noodles. Marafukuramen.com  

SF LIFE: Lights In The Park, Dance, Restaurant Openings, New Bayfront Park

Seabreeze on the Dock is open in Jack London Square. A sustainable seafood spot where you can get your seafood live from their tanks. Nothing frozen here. Lobster corn chowder appears to be a favorite along with the lobster rolls. Front and back patios make for great outdoor seating options. Check them out on Facebook.  

Poems from My Pandemic Pen

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