16 Real Women Reveal Their Sexiest Secret Fantasies

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By A.C. Rose

In this new era of the erotic romance book and the shameless ogling of shirtless men on the Internet and in media, it is no secret that women of all ages have vibrant sexual fantasies. Talk about women’s fantasies is nothing new, but the conversation went underground for a while. These days there is a renewed recognition that our intimate desires, longings, and sexual thoughts—even the really kinky ones— are quite normal.

“The range of normal here is far wider than anyone imagines,” says Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ramani Durvasula, PhD, professor of psychology at California State University in Los Angeles. “As long as those fantasies do not involve distress on the part of the person having the fantasy, and do not cause distress for others, then you are likely within the realm of normal.”

Basically, the sky is the limit, she says. While some women may be moved to fulfill their fantasies someday, others prefer to keep them just that—fantasies. Ah, but we can dream.

It’s no secret I love to write about fantasy men who can sex a woman into a renewed state of being. I relaunched my erotic romance writing career by penning some of my own hottest fantasies. They all include breathtaking heroes with masterful lovemaking skills. While I prefer being in charge of my real life, I am a big fan of the erotic fantasy of being “taken” and swept into the moment with that irresistible guy who is all about your pleasure—and who requires your surrender, only to him.

16 Real Women Reveal Their Sexiest Secret Fantasies

One of my most popular books is MY HOT COP. It is a steamy novelette that features a sexy, dominant, handsome, hot cop who is skilled at playing with handcuffs and has plenty of ways to make a woman sigh with pleasure. He’s a dirty talker and readers seem to like that! I mean, who can resist a hot cop? I just had a sexy new cover created by acclaimed book designer, Najla Qamber Designs, to show off the characters perfectly chiseled abs.  This is exactly how I imagined him and luckily I found a model that looks like him.

It warms my heart to know I am not the only one that enjoys dwelling in the world of fantasy men. We all have our favorite book boyfriends, TV hunks, movie stars, and men we’d like to, um, you know. I asked some ladies—mostly married with kids, some single—to share their sexiest fantasies. What’s your secret fantasy? 

  1. Can’t Keep His Hands Off Me: “I’m It’s humid, with cold rain hitting my skin. I’m with someone that can’t wait another minute to touch me! His body is hard and smooth. His face has just the right amount of stubble. His hair color is usually dark. He smells so clean—no strong cologne for this fantasy guy! – Liz
  2.  Sex with a Hot Cowboy: “I am in a cowboy bar and a handsome cowboy spots me and makes his way across the floor. We dance the Texas Two—Step, and after a night of fun and flirting, he invites me back to his ranch. We hang out beneath a blanket of stars. My body is singing with electricity just being next to him. We talk for a while and then he moves toward me, pulling me in for a kiss. Then he tells me, ‘I’ve wanted to do that all night.’ He searches my eyes for permission, and takes me by the hand to his bedroom and slowly undresses me, and then himself. He is tender and polite, and so sexy!”  — Alexa 
  3. Sexy Trip to the Supermarket: “I am grocery shopping and I catch the eye of a good looking younger man. We keep ‘bumping’ into each other at various locations throughout the store. Each time we see each other, our stares get longer and braver. We check out at the same time, leave the store to find we are parked side by side. As we put our bags into our cars, he stops, approaches and helps me. When closing the trunk, he pushes me against the car and kisses me breathless, as though nothing but this kiss has been on his mind. It doesn’t matter we both wear wedding rings that say we belong to others. For those minutes, we belong to each other.” —Dee 
  4. After Work Delight: “My favorite fantasy is coming in from a long day of work and the man on the other side of the door says in a deep voice, ‘On your knees.’ I do as he says and after a few minutes he pulls me up by my hair and puts me on the table, ripping my clothes off, and asks me to tell him what I want. I reply I want oral sex. He responds, making me explode. Then I beg for him to thrust himself inside as he has my arms pinned down on the table so I can’t move. He explodes and his knees become weak as he collapses on top of my body.”  — Jane 
  1. People Watching Me and My Man: “My secret sex fantasy is to have an audience while my husband and me are having sex. We are on a stage, wearing masks, and right in the middle of this audience. I think it’s hot.” Debra 
  1. Two is Hotter than One: My all-time favorite reoccurring fantasy is with two men. I want one of them to be my hubby and the other to be a hot, sexy guy we meet. I read it in a book and thought it was so hot. Hubby is not wild about it but I am working on him.” — Cameron
  1. Sometimes I’m a Bad Girl: “I fantasize about having a master, but my role in the scenario differs. In some fantasies I obey, want to surrender to his demands, and say ‘Yes Master.’ Yet in others I resist, disobey his commands, and I fight him and refuse to do anything he says until he finally ties me to the bed and calms me with his rhythmic penetration.”  — Dannielle 
  1. Thoughts About My Hot Doctor: “I’m pregnant I sometimes have fantasies about the obstetrician when he does an internal exam, and the way he looks at me while doing it.” — Kiera 
  1. He Grabs Me and Kisses Me Hard: “I’m pressed against a door and passionately kissed long and hard. A tall, dark-haired compete stranger, just grabs and kisses me before I even know what happened. Then he just disappears, leaving me wanting more.” – Genna
  1. Hubby Is My Fantasy Man: “I fantasize of getting my husband to tie me to the bed.” — Caren
  1. My Secret Attraction: “I work in an industry where I am surrounded by beautiful men, but there is only one who captures my heart. I call him, ‘The Beautiful One.’  He catches me at home one day in my garage, washing my Mustang. I’m wearing a black string bikini. It barely covers my breasts, and the hip ties on the bottoms are peeking out above my running pants. His presence casts a spell on me. My face is hot and flushed as he reaches his hand out for my keys. ‘I’d like to drive it… hard,’ he says. My mind races, knees are weak, and my body aches for him. He doesn’t touch me with his hands, but he makes love to me with his eyes, and it is all I need.” —StevieLynn
  1. Trust and Intimacy is a Turn On: “Like the scene in Fifty Shades of Grey, having an IPod and being blindfolded is my favorite personal fantasy. I would love to be able to have that level of trust with someone—to not be able to see or hear them and just be able to trust they are not going to hurt me. It’s more about the level of trust and intimacy of the moment. If I ever have someone in my life I could trust like that, then my own mate would be ideal.” — Kristie 
  1. Want a Famous Man to Do Dirty Things: “I fantasize of sex with a hot movie star. We do filthy stuff. He uses silver balls on me.” – Krista 
  1. Hubby and Me at Swingers Club: “My sex fantasy is taking my husband to a sex club—a BDSM club for swingers.  Once there, we share a sexual moment between us that can be watched by many.” – Dana 
  1. My Own Personal Rock Star: “My favorite fantasy is of a ‘Rock Star Weekend.’ The entire weekend is sex, wine, food delivered, mutually fun showers with every sex imaginable, including expert oral performances using chocolate syrup, jam, and other edible items of food that made for great sex aides. We play ‘Simon Says,’ with the proviso that my man cannot touch me during the entire thirty minutes, and sports quizzes in which he is rewarded with a sexual act for the right answer. There is also a magnificent strip tease.” – Denise
  1. Beast in Bedroom Who Treats Me Like Gold: “My fantasy is a passionate man who is a thrilling beast in the bedroom, who knows what he wants and will take charge, but who is also romantic and capable of showing love and treating me like his most prized possession.” – Crystal 

In the spirit of inspiring your fantasies, I’ve created a Facebook page called BEAUTIFUL MEN. Please join me there. And on my A.C. Rose Author page.

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